Summer Salt in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

If you ever have stumbled into the genre of indie rock or like the way the beach boys made their music, then Summer Salt is a concert you’ll want to attend.

Their first opener came on to the stage and play exceptionally well! Their flow and many guitar solos were played with such joy that gave the crowd a great moment to see.

After the first opener finished, opener number two came up and it was a bit skeptical. They had many band members and was curios on had they would sound with so many people. The crowd and I were stunned when they started to play. They came out to play like no tomorrow and gave it their all. Before the end of their set, the lead singer came into the crowd and began singing in front of the audience members.

It was amazing seeing the singer and the audience come together as one. Once the opener had come up to play, Summer Salt was the next and last one to come up.  The stage was set in a way that felt like the beach. It had paper fish on the on the walls, make shift waves on the floor, and beach balls that were ready to go in the crowd.

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As Summer Salt came on to the stage the crowd went insane and started to cheer them on. They connected with the crowd, so well they asked the crowd questions, gave out stories, and tagged along in playing with the beach ball as well. The way Summer Salt were playing was very enthusiastic by how the lead guitarist was play and jumping around while playing. This was a wonderful show to see and is one for the books, for sure!

Photo Credit: Andres Piedrahita


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