Surf Curse in Philadelphia at Union Transfer With Opener Momma

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Written and Captured By | Jonah van Bemmelen

Before the show started the crowd already started chanting for the band to come out. The opener’s name was Momma and came out and cracked a beer to start their set which someone asked if it was a Hawaiian Punch to which they laughed. They let the crowd know the last place they played was Johnny Brenda’s and this was “much much bigger”. By the time they sang there first song the venue was fully filled, they continued on to play a great set that was heavy on the guitar.

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After the opener with a quick time between sets Surf Curse was ready to take the stage. The crowd erupted as everybody took their position on the stage especially the singer because he is also the drummer of the band. The Surf Curse came out to the songs “Goth Babe” and “Arrow” two of their most popular songs. Instantly you could feel the energy from the band, everybody in the audience was jumping up and down and then the crowd surfing began. Throughout the entire show they did an amazing job of engaging the crowd, and every song got everyone more and more involved and the number of crowd surfers grew. At one point they slowed it down with one of their slower songs but even still the crowd was moving along to it. Some highlights of the set were when they played “I’m not making out with you” and “Sugar”’.

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After finishing those two songs they left the stage but everyone knew they weren’t done because they still had their huge hit song “Disco” to go. Surf Curse came back out and the audience went nuts. Being in the back of the crowd by this point it was a ton of fun to be able to capture the people in their element. I definitely recommend a Surf Curse concert to anyone.

Jonah van Bemmelen