“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”



It’s 2022 & Surfbort show no signs of slowing down! Soon to embark on a headlining tour and take over this year’s SXSW (shows TBD), Surfbort have just dropped their latest video for their new single “Lot Lizard 93.” Singer Dani Miller explains the inspiration of the track: Dave Sitek made the beat and the lyrics just flew out of me. It was a time before I found god hence the quote “god can never find me” and it’s a common feeling of feeling hopeless and nihilistic and alone but feeling comfortable in that. The song sat for a year or so and then when I showed it to Linda Perry and Surfbort we all came together and transformed it into a full rock song. Other parts of lyrics that stand out for me is “I only talk shit when I’m insecure” which is a good reminder to not talk shit and if you do realize it’s your own demons you should handle first. I scream “I am just an angel livin in a nightmare” because that’s what everyday feels like livin in such an intense unpredictable world. And when I say “when things get weird we have each other best friends almost could be lovers” I’m talking about having a soulmate best friend that fully understands you and makes your life better and there is so much love you are basically lovers but there is no sex just pure friendship. If you don’t have such a close incredible bestie don’t worry it took me 26 years to find. Lastly this is a pro sex work song, I dedicate the title ‘Lot Lizard’ to all the sex workers out there working hard they are human and should be treated with respect.” 

Making her directorial video debut, Pro-Skateboarder, World Cup Champion and Olympian, Lizzie Armanto tells Brooklyn Vegan: “It was such a treat to direct my first music video, “Lot Lizard 93” for Surfbort! Even after listening to the song a thousand times I still love it. The band has incredible energy and that made working with them a breeze. Dani adds: “We teamed up with Lizzie and let her go wild with her amazing ideas for Lot Lizard! There were two setups, one at her house with a huge half pipe and then to the Desert we went staying at @instasteaks house. It was a total blast! Lizzie is such a great director she made little snippets of different moments of my life me coming home from high school my birthday party basically opening doors to different choices and directions we have in life.”

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