Tash Sultanta Brought Her Musical Talents to Atlanta at The Tabernacle

Written By | Angela Hollowell

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Tash Sultana brought her Flow Space World Tour to the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Ga. This show sold out shortly after its announcement earlier this fall, so that tells you how many fans went holiday shopping early. Hailing all the way from Australia, its only right that Tash Sultana brought along her fellow Aussies in Ocean Alley to accompany her on this tour run. Ocean Alley brought some groovy tunes, beautiful harmonies, and just enough synth to compliment Tash Sultana’s musical style. Tash Sultana is known for playing multiple instruments and looping them in real time to create a sound as versatile as her musical talents.


Her stage set up looks about like you would think: outfitted with a pink neon unicorn, a neon rainbow, some incents burning, and a custom stage light set up to provide those extra trippy visuals to accompany her music.

After her first 20 minutes on stage, she gave the crowd a few rules which were very similar to ones given when she performed at Bonnaroo. She addressed the crowd saying, “I shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case: if you’re homophobic, get the f* out. If you’re racist, get the f* out. And for all my trans people, if you don’t know about them, get yourself educated.” Joining many artists and celebrities, Tash Sultana embraces her role and reputation as an advocate for civil rights and obviously doesn’t care who likes it. Economic boycotts are becoming increasing popular across the US and people are becoming more conscious of which people and brands they support. Tash Sultana welcomed that scrutiny and made their beliefs plain.


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She went on to perform “Seven,” and closed out the evening with “Jungle” (a crowd favorite alongside “Pink Moon”) and a special encore for the enthusiastic sold out crowd playing “Blackbird.” With a killer set delivered the Saturday after Thanksgiving, fans of Tash Sultana can definitely say they had a night to remember. Tash Sultana will be closing out her 2018 tour schedule in California, before heading back home to perform in Australia and the European leg of her World Tour so catch her if you can for a singular musical experience that encompasses a wild variety of genres.

Photos By | Angela Hollowell

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