Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Postgame Quotes

Thursday, December 6, 2018


on the context of running back Derrick Henry’s performance based on what he’s seen and been around as a player and coach

I would say very impressive. We knew we had to run the football and Derrick (Henry) ran hard. The O-line did a great job, the coaches had him prepared. In this league, can’t block them all. You can’t block every guy, so you’ve got to make one guy miss, or you’ve got to run him over or stiff arm, or do something, and that’s what Derrick (Henry) did. There were times where guys weren’t blocked, he either got on the edge, stiff armed a few guys, and was really able to break away and we’re going to have to continue to get that, to have that balance and be able to do all those things to get our offense going.


on the irony of getting a fourth-and-goal stop which led to a 99-yard touchdown on the next play

For the defense, that was a huge stop. To be able to get down there and they were giving up – you know, that wasn’t us. Gave up a long drive, some third down conversions. You know, they just keep playing, and then obviously to be able to run it 99 yards, that’s kind of how this league goes. Every week’s a different week, and it happened to us a couple weeks ago, and now we’re able to kind of turn and flip the script.


on what he saw specifically on the 99-yard run by Derrick Henry

He just ran out of guys to stiff arm. Just be careful getting too close to him, because I think I saw three of them from the 30 on. He’s been great, because it hasn’t been perfect. I think his attitude has been great. I think when you’re not doing things well as a team, or as an offense, or defense, or special teams, you know, there’s an opportunity to get frustrated with what’s going on. But, I think you just keep working and staying the course, and I think that’s what we did tonight. We had a good week of practice. These guys were focused. This isn’t easy to come back a few days later, felt like you slept twice, and it was time for the game.


on if he could hear the crowd call for Derrick Henry late in the game

A lot of that was Derrick (Henry). The kind of teammate he is, and the kind of relationship he has with Dion (Lewis), you know, he wanted to try to get Dion (Lewis) a touchdown. It’s pretty impressive to have the kind of night that he did, but also care enough about the guy that is in the room, or that he spends a lot of time with everyday, to want to get him in there and see if we could get him a touchdown.


on what he made of the banter between tackle Taylor Lewan and Jacksonville defensive tackle Malik Jackson

I’m trying to get our guys in the huddle. We need to be as physical as we can possibly be during the whistle, and then we understand that anything that happens after the whistle is going to effect the team. I get that it’s an emotional game. There’s a lot that goes on out there, and so hopefully we can continue to do that and play physical, but understand that after the whistle, we’ve got to get back to the huddle and we’ve got to concentrate on the team at that point.


on how the game turned after the goal line stop

It could go one of two ways. Obviously, we had to – we had Cam (Cameron Batson) back there, and I know that Cam wasn’t trying to make a mistake, and those happen, and that’s why the rest of the team can pick you up and help you, and try to make up for guys throughout the course of the game. There’s going to be some good plays, some things we need to correct and get fixed. But, when somebody else on your team can help out and fix a mistake, that goes a long way.


on if he’s looking forward to time off after playing three games in 11 days

I think we’re all looking forward to kind of getting away. I think that I’m going to try to introduce myself to my wife Jenn (Vrabel), and see how Carter (Vrabel)’s doing, and I think our coaches need to do the same thing. It’s a grind. You come back, had a huge game Sunday, Sunday evening, and then to try to come back and get ready. Our players need to get healthy. We need to use these three days to do everything we can, and get back in on Monday and try to find a way to beat the Giants.


on having several players leave tonight with injuries

I care about every one of them. Nobody that I would say would be above Jonnu (Smith). You see how hard he works, how much he cares and the improvement that he makes, and how much it means to him. So, hopefully when I finish up here I can find out what the extent of it is, and we’ll go from there.


on if he suspects any of the injuries are season-ending caliber

I wouldn’t have any idea.


on how big it is to win games late in the season in December

When we get them here, it’s cold and the weather is probably going to be right about what it is today through the rest of December, those are the things you have to do to win games in December. You know, it goes a long way. It’s not easy to throw the football sometimes, and be able to run the ball and set some things up. But still, that’s a really good defense. They’re top five or six in almost every category defensively. A lot of talent over there, good scheme, they’re well-coached. But, we were able to stop the run defensively, which allowed us to do a lot of things.


on if anything has changed with Derrick Henry’s attitude

I don’t think anything’s changed. That’s the point. You prepare, and because the performance wasn’t great, or the outcome wasn’t great, there wasn’t just one guy involved with that. I’ve always said that. He’s stayed positive. He’s attentive in the meetings, and he understands maybe just getting a better feel for where he can take some of these runs and what he can do. It’s been good to see. We’re going to need to continue to get that. We’re going to be playing against another good team next week with a really good running back, and good defense, and great receiver. I appreciate Derrick (Henry) always saying that he had to do better, but we all had to do better. Every time we don’t win, no one did a good enough job.


on not letting up now that the team has won two consecutive games

There’s no really room. We got to keep stringing these together and winning games to give yourself a chance. I think there’s a bunch of teams bunched up, and hopefully this week there’s some movement. But, if not, we understand that we have to win games. You know, you can’t sit there and hope for a whole bunch of help when there’s five or six teams all bunched up together.


on if the offensive line responded to the challenge this week

They did. We had conversations throughout the week about what we’re going to do, and what we’re looking for, and how we can improve, and what we need to do to be able to run the football and take care of our quarterback. It was great to see. They deserve a lot of the credit. Even though there were a lot of things that Derrick (Henry) did well, those guys took care of our quarterback, we were good on third down, and we were able to run the football.




on running back Derrick Henry’s performance against Jacksonville

Speechless. I had a front row seat to it, so it was pretty awesome. It’s hard to put into words. I think he is more than deserving of it. He was kind of due for one of those. Man, some of those runs were pretty incredible.


on the offense’s blocking for Derrick Henry

No doubt, it takes a lot of pressure off. You have third-and-manageable. You run the ball well and you get first downs, moving the chains – it definitely helps. Those guys up front deserve all the credit. They did an awesome job of making some holes for him.


on the stiff arms Derrick Henry delivered to the Jaguars defense on his 99-yard touchdown

It was incredible. There is nothing like it. To be honest with you, it looked like it got bottled up and then he found his way out of it. Once that guy gets in the open field, he’s so hard to bring down. It is, it’s a treat to watch.


on Derrick Henry’s demeanor in the huddle

Himself. He wasn’t any different and that’s what’s kind of cool. We have a group of guys that stay pretty even keel – you know? Don’t get too high. Don’t get too low. He was definitely himself. He ran unbelievable today.


on the turning point of the game when the defense stopped Jacksonville on the fourth-and-goal

I think that was a huge turning point in the game, for sure. And on top of that, the defense was lights out again. For them to get that fourth-down stop, they did an awesome job throughout of holding their offense too little, to no movement. For them to keep us in the game really, and then Derrick (Henry) to bust that open was huge and definitely a turning point of the game.


on if he feels the team is hitting their stride at the right time

For me, I hate to even get in that direction. I think this group is learning and we’re growing. No matter what, it’s all a process. You can’t get too high with the highs and you can’t get too low with the lows. If we stay balanced and we play complementary football, we have a chance. It all depends week to week and day to day while just focusing on what we can take care of right now.


on whether his hand was a hindrance during the game



on the importance of the long weekend for the team’s recovery from the three games in 11-day stretch

No doubt. No doubt. I think this is coming at a good time-get healthy, get ready to go into this last stretch. It’s timed out well and we have to get ready to go next week.


on what happened during the interception

Really, I sailed it. That comes from, sometimes, when you’re rolling out and throwing on the run, you get moving a little too fast. I think, for me, it’s being able to naturally slow myself down. I’ve always kind of had an ability to, almost a cue for me to slow down, and I was still kind of going pretty fast. I think that I had too much generated on it and allowed the ball to sail.


on the difficulties behind slowing yourself down while on the run in a game

Those are things that you have to work on so that it becomes second nature and you’re not even thinking about it on the field.


on how the team manages to battle so hard

It comes from the guys in the locker room. Again, this group of guys—it’s an awesome group to be a part of. I enjoy coming into the facility every single day. It’s a fun group. Then, on top of that, these guys they stick to what they know. They don’t allow the noise to get to them. They just kind of do their thing. When you have a group of guys that are focused in that way, I think you have a chance.


on the type of teammate Derrick Henry is

Oh, he’s an awesome teammate. Whether it’s doing extra lifts after practice or doing things right on the practice field if things aren’t the way that it should be. He goes up and beyond. It’s no surprise a day like this comes because I think that he, in himself, is working and continues to work on a day-to-day basis. Just from a teammate observing, I’m happy for him. It’s deserved because he does put in a lot of hard work.


on whether he was surprised that Derrick Henry took himself out of a play to give running back Dion Lewis a chance to get positive yards

No doubt. That’s the type of dude he is. When you have a group of guys that you can surround yourself with that are like that, I’ll take that on any single day because you have a chance.


on whether the 99-yard run was just supposed to be a check to get off the goal line

It was one of those deals where it was built into the call. Matt (LaFleur) did a good job of giving us an option. Again, the guys did a good job up front by creating a little bit of a seam while Derrick (Henry) went on to finish the play.


on the 99-yard run having the option to be a sneak or a run from Derrick Henry

Yes, for sure.


on whether today’s win can be used as a formula for winning December games

Yes. If you’re able to run the football, especially this time of the year, it’s going to help you out. When you play good defense and have a group on that side of the ball that are fearless and are getting after the passes, in this time of the year, it’s definitely going to help. If we can build off of this and use it as momentum, I think we have a chance.




on where this game ranks among his top career performances

I’d probably put this – I don’t know. I’d put this at No. 1, you know, because it’s not really about me. It’s about those guys blocking. For me to be able to have success, for me to do my job, I’ve got to count on those guys, so credit to them. I’m not going to take all the credit. They definitely deserve it. Hats off to those guys for my success.

on how he felt on the 99-yard touchdown run

Trying to catch my breath. No, I’m just kidding. It’s so crazy, because before when we were in the huddle, they were like, ‘You got to break a 99-yard.’ My main focus is to get positive yards, but when I had the ball and I got it, I just saw it and I just hit it. My stiff arm was working, so that’s all about that. But, like I said, it started upfront with those guys. All of us, 11 of us, executing that play for that to happen.


on what he heard on the Titans sideline after he scored a 99-yard touchdown

Everybody was just going crazy. I’m trying to hit helmets with everybody, dap everybody up. It was a crazy play. Like I said, us as a whole, we executed that.


on what allowed him and the offensive line to perform in the manner they did tonight

Really, I think the preparation. Us just worrying about us, how we play, not shooting ourselves in the foot time and time again. To start a pass and finish it strong. That’s what we did today as an offense. Like I said, I’m not going to take a lot of credit. I’ve just got to go out there, do my job, and be efficient, be consistent. So, that’s my main focus. I trusted those guys. They’re going to do their jobs, I’ve got to go out and do mine.


on what point in the game he became aware of approaching the franchise record for rushing yards

I mean, they were talking about it. But, like I said, I just wanted to go out there and just make plays, help the offense, help the team. Those things will come if you’re out there doing what you’re supposed to do as a whole.


on being frustrated with previous performances and what’s clicked for him since then

You know, I look at it as adversity. Everybody has adversities in life, and I’ve had plenty of adversity in this sport. I just had to look myself in the mirror, be a man about it, and just overcome it. Continue to work, continue to get better. Continued to work on the things I need to get better at. Take the coaching, so I never made no excuse for myself. ‘Y’all wasn’t playing good, was inconsistent, wasn’t efficient,’ but just had to keep chopping down wood, and eventually it’ll happen for you.

on if he heard his name being chanted by the crowd

Oh no, I definitely heard. The fans did a great job tonight. They were very tuned in. We appreciate them. They’re very important to us when we’re at home playing these teams, especially in the situation that we’re in. So, they played their part. Hats off to all the fans.


on if he experienced déjà vu from his Alabama days as the game progressed

Really, I don’t really try to look back to those days. I’m in the league now. My main focus is just running hard, getting downhill, finishing runs and making plays. That’s my main focus. Our offensive line did a great job, and every time I got a touchdown or had a good run, I made sure they knew that. Those guys work hard and don’t get a lot of credit, so hats off to the offensive line. Everybody criticizes them these past couple of weeks, maybe this whole season. Those guys work hard. They do a good job and hats off to those guys.


on what he did with the ball from the 99-yard run

I’m definitely going to keep mine. When I see Tony (Dorsett) again, you know, I got to spend a lot of time with him when I was at the Heisman. You know, he’s a legend. It’s cool to be in that company with Tony (Dorsett).


on why he seems to continue to have success against the Jaguars 

You know, it’s funny because everybody on the sidelines kept talking about that. Every time we play them I have a good game. I don’t know what it is, but I hope keeps going though.


on what he heard from Jaguars players after the game

Oh, they were saying, ‘Hell of a game, you did a great job,’ and that they just hate for it to be on them. They’re a great defense so I just had to go out there and play my game.


on if the preparations for this week felt different or if he sensed something was coming

Never really making no predictions, I just go out there and play my game. Trusting the preparation, and when I go out there, just go out there and play hard. Like I said, real hard, finish runs, being efficient, being consistent. I haven’t been that all year, and that’s my main focus from here on out. Just being consistent, being efficient and helping us go on this run, and help this team win games.




on what this win means for the team and himself

Everybody wanted to prove individually, and as a whole, that we’re good. So, I just feel like everybody in this game just wanted to make a statement, and the number one thing for us right now is to continue to keep doing what we’ve been doing. We’ve got two wins under our belt.


on his fourth down goal line stop

It was definitely big, just for me to be able to help my team make a big stop. I think that was one of those things, we needed momentum to hurt their whole offense.


on if his ‘fresh legs’ helped him out on the short week

Oh, definitely. I felt as fresh as I could think of.


on if this was his best game as a Titan

I would say, just the fact that not only just me, but as a team, we all played a great game. That was the number one thing for me. I just had fun out there with my teammates.


on what the team will do going forward from here

Going back and looking at some things that we can change. Even though we won this game, I feel like there’s still some more things we can improve on. We got to play a great Giants team. They got some great, elite players on offense for our defense to go against.




on his personal performance and the team’s performance

Definitely a huge night. Definitely wanted to come out on Thursday Night Football and put on a show, and also just celebrate with my team, to get ourselves into fighting position for the postseason. In order to do that, we got to make sure we win this game and get ready for the next one.


on shutting down the Jacksonville run game

Definitely weren’t going to let that happen. Our coach gave us a challenge, told us we were going to have a bad game. So, right now we’re four for four on our bad games. So, when our coach puts us to a challenge, we definitely step up to it.


on keeping the postseason hopes alive

That’s the mindset, man. Every game is a must-win game. That’s how we’re approaching each one. We got this game out the way. On to the Giants now, and get ready for another good one.


on the defensive performance

We’ve been playing lights out all year long. I think it’s good to get back on our track. We had two bad weeks of letting teams come run the ball, do whatever they want, pass, put up points on the board. But, we came back out in Titans fashion and got it done.


on the defense being ‘cheerleaders’ for running back Derrick Henry and the offense

Definitely, we always cheerlead, especially when the offense is balling like that. They’re putting up points, they’re doing their thing, having fun. That makes the game a lot easier for us. You got to enjoy that and have a ball with it.



on the Titans having recent success against Jacksonville

We feel like Jacksonville is a good opponent. We think they are a lot like us. They are physical, they play good defense, they like to run the ball, establish themselves. That’s how we feel. We always take it personal when we play them, and I’m just really excited for Derrick (Henry) tonight and everything he’s been doing this year, to be able to take things on your shoulders and don’t complain, and don’t want to quit.


on the Titans’ victory tonight

This was a must-win game. We had more to play for tonight, they didn’t have much to play for other than their pride, and we had our pride, but we also had possibility of playoffs ahead of us. So, with us we need to win these games. We are in survive and advance mode. We are playing with desperation, and it is what we need to do.


on the defense stopping the Jaguars at the goal line early in the game

It was huge. We were the No. 1 rated red area defense, and we take a lot of pride in that. We talk about every time they get inside the 20, it presents an opportunity to keep extending our lead in the red area. No matter what, no matter how many chances, we stop passes, we stop runs. It just shows a lot about our defense.


on the Titans playing three games in 11 days

Well, we like playing football, so I’d much rather play in three games in 11 days even though it is tough on the body. Line up and go play. We are competitive, we are football players. It is better than the London trip to Bye Week, that was like one game in 20 days. That was tough.  Right now, we know what time of year it is, and we’re putting all our chips forward and going on to New York next week.



on the defense stopping the Jaguars at the goal line and responding with a 99-yard touchdown run by running back Derrick Henry

Man, that guy played like a beast today. That guy’s stiff arm is crazy, Madden definitely has to raise up their stiff arm ratings. I think it showed the potential of our defense today. We stopped the run. If we stop the run, we can be dominate. We can get after the pass, and get after the quarterback, and we can make turnovers with our defense. It was a great show up for the defense tonight.


on the Titans seeming to mesh at this point late in the season

Obviously, I feel we can’t think about that right now. It’s kind of like game-to-game. Survive and advance. We want to play consistent, but right now we are kind of playing it game-to-game.


on the Titans getting off to a fast start in tonight’s game against the Jacksonville

That team is not really built to play from behind. The team is pretty good playing with a lead, and getting after the pass rush. So, we knew if we started fast today, they were not really playing for anything, and we knew we could kind of get up on them boys.




on if he has seen a performance before like running back Derrick Henry’s tonight)

Derrick (Henry) ran his butt off, and it was a good team win. It is definitely great, but we are moving on to the Giants.


on what he was thinking when he saw Derrick Henry break free o his 99-yard touchdown

I mean, that was a hell of a run. He is a great player and you saw it out there.


on if he got a pancake block on Derrick Henry’s 99-yard run

No, not really. I was just trying to get a block. Unfortunately, Jonnu (Smith) got hurt on that play. I hope he is all right. I mean, it was just great blocking by everyone and Derrick (Henry) ran his ass off.


on the performance of the offensive line

It was a great team win, in all three phases we did well. So, on the O-line, it is definitely great to have a great night against a defensive line like this. All we are worried about is New York right now.




on the performance of running back Derrick Henry

Well, for blockers, you talk about super inspiring. It makes you want to block and get him in space one-on-one with those DBs or linebackers, he’s hard to tackle. If you ever need motivation, he will do it for you.


on if he will remember Derrick Henry’s 99-yard touchdown run

I will probably remember it forever. That’s the longest run I have ever been a part of, obviously. I didn’t know it was an NFL record tie. I knew he broke the single (game) franchise record tonight. A big night for him, a big night for our team. A great team win, so like I said, I couldn’t be happier.


on how it feels to be a part of a game like tonight’s

It is awesome. Like I said, it was a huge night for Derrick (Henry), a huge night for our team. Thursday night games are never easy for either team, so it was great to be a part of – especially to be in the mix blocking for him. I am really happy about it.


on coming up with a key reception

Any time you can make a play for your team, it’s great to contribute in that way.




on earning a second win in 100 hours

That’s tough to do, we came out here and did it. Coaches did a great job of taking care of our bodies during this week so we could come out here and play fast, and that’s what we did.


on what the team has to do looking forward to Week 15

Rest, recover and get ready for this win. It’s going to be a great challenge for us.




on if he has ever been a part of game like tonight’s

Never, Derrick (Henry) had a great game. Obviously, not too many games like this in NFL history, so definitely happy for him. Definitely happy to be a part of it, and happy we got the running game going.


on what tonight’s game does for the run game

It ignites us. We were able to get it going today. I feel like during the season it has been kind of on and off. I felt today we were just clicking. Definitely happy, hopefully we can move forward from this night, not get complacent, keep working and keep taking the coaching.


on what it is like when a back is having a game like running back Derrick Henry did

Yeah, he was on fire. I mean, you just have to keep riding him, just keep staying (with him). They didn’t want to tackle him. He was running hard, aggressive, physical, so definitely happy for him. I am definitely happy for the team to have the successful running game as well.



opening statement

Obviously, credit to Tennessee. Obviously, they played well. I thought when it was 7-2, and when we were down there first-and-goal at the three and didn’t score, we would’ve been able to take the lead there. I think that was a big turning point, especially since on the next play, when we give them the ball at the one they go 99, and obviously we had a difficult time in the second and third – first, second, and third, and somewhere in the fourth tackling (Derrick) Henry. Obviously had a career night, which is something that we’ve got to do a better job of. I thought late in the fourth quarter, we got the stop, we were tackling well. I think we realized you’ve got to be able to do that for four straight quarters, but credit to them. They did a good job.


on if the team fought enough on running back Derrick Henry’s runs

Well, I think – again, he’s a good stiff arm player. You’ve got to go low on him. You saw Jalen (Ramsey) went low on him late in the game, a couple of guys went low on him there. I think you’ve just got to go ahead and get low on him. That’s the only way to tackle him. He’s a tough player to tackle.


on if he questions the defense’s effort after Derrick Henry had a 200-yard game

Well, I think when you’re going to look at the film, I don’t think you’re going to see the effort. You’re going to say why you got stiff armed on the tackle. We just didn’t get him down. There were guys around him. You see a hit, he goes on, another guy is running, guys running from the other side of the field, guys running from behind. We just didn’t tackle him. When you look at the film, that’s what you’re going to see. At the end of the game, the effort, I mean, we stop him. We give them the ball back in our territory, we go for a fourth down, we don’t get it, and those guys come in there and they get a stop.


on leaving defensive tackle Jurrell Casey unblocked and allowing him a sack

Well, one of our guys went the wrong way.


on how he feels about the loss

I’m heavily disappointed.


on if the offensive line is the biggest issue with the team’s offensive production

Dede (Westbrook) made some tough plays today. He did a nice job catching the football, but Cody (Kessler) I’m sure would like to have some of those back. He was able to go in there, he hung in there, and so his toughness is not an issue at all. He’s getting pressure and getting forced out of the pocket. Again, we didn’t do a good job upfront. We got beat upfront.


on if Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette was as decisive as he needed to be on the fourth-and-one call

We like to go north and south, yes, down there.


on the difficulty of doing the things they want to do despite losing to the Titans four times in a row

We won it last year. We won the division even though we lost to them twice, so they have us right now. It’s the last time we play them this year, and next year it will be a different team.




on if he felt like he had enough time to be effective throwing the ball

Yeah, the O-line did a great job. Like I’ve said before, we’ve had some injuries, some guys stepping in, some other stuff like that. Some guys playing injured, guys that are banged up, and they fought as hard as they could. That’s all that I ask from them. Every time we step on the field, I tell them, ‘Just give me everything you’ve got.’ They did, and that’s on me to make some plays outside of the pocket, and help them out a little bit, and if it breaks down, try to step up and get some rushing yards.


on if coming up short on the goal line in the first half was the turning point in the game

Yeah, that was big. It’s just something right there where you have to capitalize on those. When you have four chances from the two or three-yard line, that’s something that I think would have been a turning point in the game. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. I’m proud of these guys that kept fighting so hard. The ‘want to’ is there. The guys want to win, obviously. Guys come in each week prepared and ready to go. Little moments like that in the game have to go your way, and tonight unfortunately they didn’t.




on if it’s embarrassing to lose in that fashion on national television

Certainly. Certainly. Like I said, it was sad.

on if he is still locked in at this point in the season

I mean, yeah. I had limited opportunities tonight. They ran the ball, they ran the ball down our throat.

on if having a short week played a part in the loss

They had to play the same way we had to. We had a game Sunday and then a game on Thursday. I don’t buy into all that. They just showed up to play and we didn’t.

on what the motivation is for the team without being in playoff contention

When God blesses you with so much, you should go out there and play with passion. You should play with a lot of heart and just glorify His name out there. I mean you should play for respect and pride. We came to play last week, but we really don’t have anything to play for.




on tonight’s loss

You just have to take it and wear it because it’s the bed we made and got to lay in it. This family that we built this year has three games left. Every year there is going to be change, but we just have to find a way to keep fighting and stay together just for pride, just for respect and you know, just for the love of the game.


on if he thought the Jaguars played with enough emotion

We didn’t play good enough, but nobody quit. That’s not in our DNA. I think we got off to a slow start and they (Titans) made a couple plays and got some momentum going.

Honestly, I never want to make excuses, but you know, teams who go on the road on Thursday night come out slow usually, it just is what it is. We will try to overcome it and things will go our way.


on if players gave up on running back Derrick Henry’s 99-yard touchdown run

I seen guys chase him down trying to make tackles and just didn’t get it done. I knew going into the game that he was a tough tackle for our secondary and really for our linebackers too. We had to do a good job containing him and we didn’t get it done.


on if the 99-yard run impacted the team emotionally

We didn’t quit, we didn’t stop fighting, you seen that with the goalline stand. We just kept playing, but things didn’t go our way. It was their night and they made play after play. We just have to wear it.


on what adjustments were made at the half

We made a couple adjustments, but at the end of the day players have to make plays. We can draw up a perfect play, but if players aren’t making plays for you, it doesn’t matter. Players have to make plays and we didn’t make enough tonight.




on struggling against the Titans after playing well against the Colts last Sunday

Well, you know, I think the main difference is that the Colts wanted to come out and throw the ball 60 times. And, I mean, we pride ourselves on being the best secondary in the league. We got cover guys, if we’re just going to be honest with ourselves. I think (Andrew) Luck threw the ball 30-plus times in the first half, so we knew what type of game it was going to be. It’s hard to beat us like that. We got too many good guys on the back end. Tennessee did what Tennessee do since I’ve been here. They run the ball and they’re effective at doing it. That was the difference. We were mentally prepared just like we were against Indianapolis. The difference is the Colts played to our strong suit. Not to say that run defense isn’t our strong suit, but the Titans seem to be able to exploit that every time, every year since I’ve been here. I don’t have the answers to that. You know, obviously, you can’t put it on the calls or things like that, guys out there missing tackles and, you know, that’s what it was. Obviously, you look back on last Sunday and it seems like it was just night and day. We pitched a shutout to a top-five offense and then you come back and you’re sitting here right now and got drummed like that on national TV. Again, I said, who would want to watch the Jaguars on national television when you let a Derrick Henry run for 250? He could have run for 300 on us today, if we’re being honest with ourselves. If I was his coach, I would have let him break the record.


on the performance of running back Derrick Henry

It’s nothing that you can explain. I think demoralizing. Any type of word that can explain just the frustration. This was our nationally-televised game, man, and you know I think that was spoken so much this week. And, for us to go out there and play like this with the world watching; I doubt people was watching past halftime, if we’re being honest with ourselves. And, to go out there and play like that is tough. It’s tough and it’s frustrating. And, you know, I don’t have the answers, man. I don’t think nobody had the answers. I don’t think the coaches have the answers. I truly don’t know, man. And, you know, at the end of the day you got to tip your hats off to a guy that ran for that many yards. I mean, I’ve never been a part of nothing like that. I’ve never been a part of a guy running like that. I mean, it was like little league out there. Every time he touched the ball, he was scoring, it felt like.




on tonight’s game versus the Titans

It’s football. That’s how it is. Somebody has to win, somebody has to lose. They came out on the upper end.


on coming up short in the red zone

It’s always difficult in that situation, knowing that you’re in the red zone and you can’t get in. But, like I said, they get paid to play too. So, they wanted it more and we just can’t get it in.


on losing on national television

I forgot about that. Uh, yeah. I wasn’t expecting that question, but yeah, it happens.


on the Titans being a bad matchup for the Jaguars

I don’t know. I really don’t think they’re a bad matchup. I mean, last game was 9-6. I guess it’s their home field advantage that they love to do. Somebody jinxed us.


on finding his confidence

Yeah, I mean I’ve been doing the same (stuff) I’ve been doing since I got here. I’m just waiting on my number to get called. I’m just going to keep trying to make my plays.


on being patient and waiting for his opportunities

That’s all I can do. I can’t be aggressive. That’s not my part.


on if it felt good to make plays tonight versus the Titans

For sure. I definitely feel like I worked hard enough to earn those, and took advantage of those opportunities as well.


on his chemistry with Jaguars quarterback Cody Kessler

I mean, there was always chemistry with Cody (Kessler) just because I was getting second-team reps and stuff like that during camp and stuff like that. And, I worked with him when he first got here, with him and Blake (Bortles) in the offseason and stuff like that, trying to just get that together. I mean, he and Blake are cool so I hang with Blake, so he hangs with us.



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