Written & Captured By | Chantal Burau

The Canadian singer and songwriter Tess Parks stopped on her European tour in Berlin at Astra. Her support was Australian musician and artist J Mahon, who could later be seen again on stage in her live band. 

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The evening started with the room only being filled with a handful of people waiting patiently – with their hands on the barrier and talking. Shortly after the official beginning of the show, J Mahon entered the stage joined by his live band. The singer, also formerly known as Emerson Snowe, offered a set filled with sounds somewhere between indie and gloomy psych pop. During his set the room continued to fill up and the crowd was watching the performance with interest, while swaying to the dusky songs.

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After the mood of the night was set, the show continued after the break with Tess Parks. Her performance began a bit different than at other shows: by a poem that was presented at the start. Shortly after that, Tess and her well and big equipped band entered the stage. She had among other things some guitars, a keyboard and drums with her, and of course her unique husky voice. During her set at the latest, the initial emptiness in the room was no longer there. Mixed with a psychedelic video projected on the background and her recurring “be here wow” background, she played down her well-packed setlist without any breaks.

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The set also featured popular songs like „German Tangerine“ and „Wehmut“. The dark lo-fi soundscapes of her songs peppered with her smoky voice completely filled the room and captivated the fans. The encore, that also included J Mahon crowd surfing and Tess asking the crowd to please also bring him back to the stage, heralded the end of the show and Tess “broke the silence” and interrupted the ongoing gloomy aura that still filled the room to direct some words to the fans and thank them for coming.

Photos By | Chantal Burau