The 3 Best Places to Visit for Music Lovers

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All of us visit different destinations for all kinds of reasons. Be it the promise of outdoor adventure, a glimpse into centuries gone past or to feel a connection to our most beloved heroes, we all have a travel bucket list that is perfectly tailored to our interests.

What if your one true passion is music? As a music lover, there are endless destinations that hit all the right notes. If you’re planning a vacation with music in mind, hire a private jet and head over to any of the following three places.

Berlin, Germany

When it comes to the German capital, its reputation precedes it every time. And for good reason! It’s varied music scene has everything from rock and jazz to electronic and techno. In summer, the city really comes alive with the summer parade, during which the streets come alive for a 4-hour festival in which an impressive 900 artists play!

And if you’re trying to sneak a peak into the life of your musical heroes, David Bowie actually spent some of his most informative years in Berlin. It inspired his Low and Heroes album and Berlin was home to one of his favourite studios: the renowned Hasna Studios.

Most people will also associate Berlin with the unstoppable rise of techno. Home to the famous nightclub, Berghain, techno lovers from all over the world congregate in the capital for legendary raves which can last several days.

London, UK

London is a playground for up-and-coming musicians and is home to some of the most legendary performers in history. Thanks to its incredibly diverse live performance scene, you’ll find a gig almost every night of the week whilst the bigger venues host some of the hottest global artists.

Interested in visiting some old haunts of musical legends? The city is packed with them! Check out Tin Pan Alley in Soho which hosted the offices of NME, Melody Maker and most of London’s music management companies in the 50’s and 60’s. From The Rolling Stones to The Kinks and Elton John, this street has been instrumental (pun intended) in the careers of our favourite music legends.

New York, USA

No music tour is complete without a visit to The Big Apple. Awash with lively jazz clubs, blues bars and underground clubs, NYC has it all going on. It hosts countless genres too, making it an ideal destination for music-lovers around the world.

Try your salsa moves at a salsa or Latin American club or head to the dancehalls for a rave into the early hours. Alternatively, hit up Greenwich Village for a more folksy, punky vibes. And if you fancy an authentic reproduction of Nashville’s country music scene, you can bet you’ll find it here too!