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Written & Captured By | Chantal Burau

The American psychedelic rock band The Black Angels stopped in Berlin at Huxley’s Neue Welt with their support New Candys. 

The evening started with a moody set from New Candys. The Italian band surrounding frontman Fernando Nuti offered a slower, dark performance riddled with shoe gaze and psychedelic melodies. Song after song, they set the tone of the evening with their brooding and distinct sound elements. While they were playing their set, the room kept slowly filling up.

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Once they were finished and the break was over, the fans were getting impatient and it was finally time for The Black Angels to hit the stage. 

They started off with some calmer yet powerful songs and filled the room with their atmospheric soundscape. Very quickly they added beamer projections that changed with the songs, that underlined their psychedelic-garage rock vibes and strengthened the effect of the songs.

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As the show continued, the songs got a bit more vibrant and there were more peaks of stronger guitar elements that accompanied and leavened the impacting and capturing vocals of singer Alex Maas. With an impressive first half of the show the American psychedelic-indie band took a small break and continued with a seven song-encore or second half of the show. They continued were they left off and showed the rest of their variety of conjuring and dark vintage sounds. Completely taken in by the lysergic and shoe gaze sounds and the fitting abstract projections, the crowd, which then even stood to the entrance of the room, absorbedly danced through the rest of the set. With their filled collection of songs for the tour, they definitely showed that their sounds meander around the cliches of the genre. With an impressive, long-drawn and compelling twenty-two song setlist the fans were left satisfied and wanting more.

Chantal Burau