The Evolution of Online Gaming: From Text-Based Adventures to Virtual Reality

Most industries go through change and evolution. Trends come and go, which can affect the direction that the industry takes, but some also respond to evolution in technology. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the online gaming industry. This is an industry that has gone from text-based simple adventures to immersive and highly realistic virtual reality offerings. So how did we go from point A to point B in this industry?

Let’s take a look at the online gaming industry and some of its most notable changes.

You Can Thank the Internet for Kick Starting the Evolution

While there are plenty of factors that have played into the evolution of online gaming, none of it is possible without the internet. The internet opened the door to the social aspect of gaming, allowing you to team up or challenge other players from around the world. Multi-player modes became a thing and the industry never looked back. That happened in the 1990s and has only continued its journey of evolution.

Providing Traditionally Outside Experiences in the Comfort of Your Home

One of the most notable ways online gaming has transformed is to take an experience that was traditionally enjoyed outside of the home, and give players a way to engage at home. 

A great example is online casinos, which deliver all the same games as the brick and mortar casinos but on a digital device such as a desktop or smartphone. Even casino bonuses are offered, which you can read about here at BonusFinderCanada. Technology has made it possible to deliver immersive experiences in the home.

Online gaming has also provided players with social experiences that would typically be enjoyed outside of the home. Getting together with friends used to mean you could only meet in person. Online gaming gives players a way to join up online, play a game together, and have that same level of socialisation. 

Virtual Reality Has Taken a Little Longer to Catch On

Despite the technological advances in virtual reality (VR), this is a segment of online gaming that has taken a little longer to catch on. It’s almost as though the technology was ahead of its time when first released and the market, developers, and gamers weren’t ready. 

The first VR games were glitchy, there weren’t many options, and they were extremely expensive, not to mention the gear that would be needed to play. This left players a bit jaded and far from excited. Thankfully things have changed and today there are a lot more games to choose from. Generally speaking, they are smooth and impressive and pricing has come way down, making them more accessible to the mainstream.

Economists are predicting sizeable growth in the VR gaming market size over the next few years, which speaks to where the technology is heading.

Should you wish to dip your toes into this category, some must-play VR games include:

• Gran Turismo 7

• Half-Life: Alyx

• Resident Evil Village

• Horizon: Call of the Mountain

• Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge

These games are made all the more popular thanks to some smart-marketing moves such as an exclusive model of a car inspired by a game (Gran Turismo 7), fashion inspired by a particular character, and the use of music from the top and trending artists.

An Evolution That Is Far from Complete

These are just some of the notable moments in online gaming’s history, but the evolution continues. It’s hard to say where the industry will go and end up when people have no idea of just how much technology will continue to change and improve. Each time new doors open, new gaming styles, genres, and modes of play also become available.