The Marias in Atlanta at Aisle 5 with Saleka and Paul Cherry

Written By | Klarque Garrison

It was a balmy late Wednesday night in Atlanta as I headed out to cover my next assignment. The venue was Aisle 5 a relatively new music bar & restaurant located in Atlanta’s Little Five Points district. Admittedly, I’ve never been there to view a show but I was very much looking forward to this one.  

Pulling up to the club a throng of fans were wrapped around the building spilling into the parking lot setting the tone for tonight’s experience. The line up featured Los Angeles based band “The Marias”, Paul Cherry and Saleka Night. 

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Little did I know Saleka Night who got the night started as the 1st act was the daughter of acclaimed film director M. Night Shyamalan who by the way was there with his daughter.  The 23-year-old talented artist wowed the crowd with her alluring voice that seems to draw you in as she sang her brand of alternative soul (not bad for a classically trained Ivy League Grad).  

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Next up, Chicago native Paul Cherry takes the mic. Paul announced to the sold-out crowd that tonight’s performance would be his first here in Atlanta so like proper Southerners the audience showed him nothing but love. If I had to describe his sound it would simply be great music that left you happy and satisfied. Not a feeble compliment in today’s style of entertainment and vocal arrangements. Paul Cherry’s sound is phenomenal now and would have been so 40 years ago as well.  

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But, tonight was a night for the featured act and was properly set up by our first 2 entertainers. I mentioned that “The Marias” were a Los Angeles based band but I did not mention lead singer Maria was Atlanta Raised so this was a sort of home coming. “I Don’t Know Your”, “Only in My Dreams”, Clueless, “…Baby One More Time” and my favorite “Over the Moon” were just a few songs we were serenated with.

The Marias described as a psychedelic-Soul LoveChild also includes bandsmen Josh Conway, Jesse Perlman, Carter Lee and Edward James. All in all this Trio line-up did not disappoint and made and Hump day Night worth getting up for work the next day! Be on the lookout for “The Marias” and their tour coming to a city near you. 

Photo Credit: Klarque Garrison

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