The Plot In You’s “Swan Song” Brings Light To Philadlephia’s Theatre of Living Arts

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Written and Captured By | Kasey Canter

The Plot In You came to Philadlephia to the Theatre of Living Arts to bring the hopeful energy of their new album, Swan Song. This recent album delivers so much emotion that every listener can relate to to varying degrees. The energy this show brought was very strong  and truly does not compare to any other show – the band laid their soul out and allowed the fans to all experience the journey this album brings.

The night started off with New Orleans own, Cane Hill. I personally have been following this band since 2014, and they always bring an energy to the stage that demands attention. They have brought so much attention to the nu-metal genre by putting their own modern take on it. They opened their set with the single ‘Kill Me,’ from their newest EP ‘Krewe De La Mort, Vol. 1.’ The crowd was fully engaged beginning to end, and they started the night out on a high note.

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Next to the stage was Avoid, nostalgic rock band from Seattle. They kept the audience on their toes by the mixture of genres, and high erratic energy onstage. It seemed like this was a lot of the crowds first time experience this band, and they all were drawn right in! Definitely brought a lot of energy to the room to close out the halfway point of the show.

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Californias own, Silent Planet, filled the entire room with excitement the second their flower embelished mic stands were brought onstage. Their set opened up with ‘Panopticon’ , from 2021 album ‘Iridescent.’ The entire crowd lit up the second the band walked onstage, to the second their set closed. Inspiring speeches and flowers tossed into the crowd, by vocalist Garrett, kept everyone drawn in with smiles on. There were plenty of happy fans, and a ton of new ones.

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The anticipation built throughout the room as the stage was set up for The Plot In You. Rock band from Ohio made the return to Philly a memorable one. A mix of old and new in their setlist, kicking it off with Face Me off of their newest album ‘Swan Song.’ Everyone was drawn to the raw emotion vocalist Landon Tewers left of the stage.

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Truly an unforgettable show. This tour was full of a mix of so many different types of energy brought to the stage, but all of it was attention capturing. This was definitely a tour to not miss.


–  Kasey Canter