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This wasn’t Matt Maeson’s first time playing in Atlanta, but he sang as if it would be his last. Matt came to Atlanta earlier this year but was forced to leave the stage after only four songs due to the inability to continue. He took to social media that he had cancel the show, having severe health issues rendered him unable to continue. He promised Atlanta fans to be back. Nevertheless, fans understood and wholeheartedly welcome him back.  

The venue packed out FAST. There was a crowd wrapped around the building an hour before the doors opened, and the people were ready. The energy in the room was electric. You could tell the fans had waited for this and were ready for two hours of powerful tunes.  

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Accompanying Matt for this tour are The Technicolors– a group of rad rockers hailing from Arizona. The group is, “best known for their nuanced approach of combining lo-fi, cerebral groove-oriented elements with anthemic, often bombastic themes, reminiscent of the early 00’s garage revival” (  The Technicolors’ authentic sound had the crowd enamored.  

Matt took stage, and the whole mass pushed forwardIf I could say nothing more about Maeson, I would undoubtedly state that he is a brilliant, raw performer and an insanely talented artist. His live versions of his gritty, American tunes inspired by legends like Johnny Cash, Jeff Buckley, Jim Morrison, and The Beatles moved the crowd from tears to laughter to screams all within the hour. Matt possesses a completely unique sound. His music is possessive, somehow both haunting and comforting. 

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Matt played all the fan favorites plus some songs from his previous EP. His arguably most popular song, “Cringe” had everyone out of their seats and belting the lyrics as loud as possible. We rocked, we swayed, we screamed, and then Matt struck the chords to his song, “Bank On The Funeral,” a song his current album is titled as. The gentle, moody intro soothed the mass, “I bank on the funeral / Cause I learned all my lessons that way / I chipped from my Heaven’s sin / Until I stole everything that I made.” Matt continued, eyes closed, and bled the rest of the song. I couldn’t bring myself to take more than a few quick shots of this one. I was overcome with the emotion protruding from the artist no more than ten feet away. 

Matt closed out the show beautifully, but quickly ran back out for a highly demanded encore where he ended on his popular upbeat, edgy piece, “Hallucinogenics.”   

Matt’s “The Day You Departed” tour continues on across the U.S. with a lot of sold out shows. If you have the opportunity to see Maeson play live, do yourself a favor, and get your ticket immediately.  

Photos By | Charla Ayers 

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