Tiffany & Co. Takes its Famed Blue Book Collection on a Colorful Journey Through Nature

Tiffany & Co.’s 2021 Blue Book Collection, Colors of Nature, isa kaleidoscopic journey through nature’s vivid chromatic displays. This year, the Blue Book Collection unites Jean Schlumberger’s masterful creations with Tiffany high jewelry designs in a celebration of the vast colors born within, encompassing and far beyond the natural world. Tiffany & Co.’s authority in diamonds and its influence in the world of colored gemstones are at the forefront of the collectionBringing together this sparkling legacy with Tiffany’s heritage of masterful craftsmanship and innovation, the new Blue Book Collection explores new possibilities in the world of high jewelry.

Giving form to lush botanicals, vibrant gemstones such as verdant green tourmalines and rare Colombian emeralds inspires visions of abundant landscapes, while azure blue seas and the electric color swatches of underwater fauna are realized with aquamarines, tsavorites and sapphires. Rare gemstones such as spinels or yellow and orange sapphires capture the otherworldly hues that light up the sky in head-turning designs inspired by the world above. Illuminating the collection’s prismatic spirit is a curated palette of gemstone varieties encompassing a full spectrum of color on two showstopping necklaces, including the House’s legacy gemstones, tanzanite and kunzite, which Tiffany proudly introduced to the world over the course of the 20th century.

Striking a balance between innovation and time-honored techniques that have defined the renowned high jewelry House for over a century, the art of Tiffany craftsmanship is on full display in Colors of Nature. Bringing out the breathtaking beauty of an over-21-carat diamond that was responsibly sourced in Lesotho, Africa, artisans cut the internally flawless diamond in a marquise shape—honoring Tiffany & Co.’s long-standing heritage of employing the world’s most exceptional craftsmanship.

Among the most artistic expressions of Tiffany’s sublime craftsmanship are imaginative designs from the world of Jean Schlumberger, where the hand of the artisan breathes new life into the designer’s most celebrated creations. Artisans meticulously handcrafted a platinum necklace with over 85 carats of diamonds, illustrating the asymmetry, dynamic movement and feminine subtlety that is emblematic of Jean Schlumberger’s designs ethos. The designer’s celebrated masterpieces are perfectly complemented by Tiffany high jewelry designs, which feature innovative settings that showcase diamonds cut in bespoke, custom shapes, meticulously set by hand to evoke a scintillating mosaic. A necklace with diamonds that float on planes of translucent rock crystal cleverly conceals a setting that gives the illusion of diamonds suspended midair.

Debuting April 2021, nearly 600 Tiffany high jewelry and Jean Schlumberger designs will be featured in Shanghai, China, before traveling to other cities around the world.