Too Many Zooz Performs At The Concord Music Hall in Chicago

Written By | Brian Jordan


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After performing at sold out venues in Detroit and St. Louis, the unique and popular Brass house band “Too Many Zooz” featuring Leo Pellegrino, Matt Muirhead, and David Parksmade made their way to Chicago where they did an outstanding performance at the Concord Music Hall.

The band’s definition of Brass house is defined as a mix of Jazz, Afro Cuban rhythms, funk, EDM and house music. This venue has an reputation of holding many concerts with the genres including hip hop, indie rock and dub step. despite it being a snow storm in Chicago, well over one hundred fans came out to support the band as they performed a variety of different songs.

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Leo Pellegrino impressed the crowd with his amazing dance moves while performing the songs. Too Many Zooz originated in New york in 2014 where one of their Youtube videos went viral and helping them kick start their careers. It was a great night to remember as fans came with friends and family and danced along to the music of Too Many Zooz biggest hits while enjoying food and drinks that the venue provided. Just by being in the crowd you could feel the love and support from the fans as Too Many Zooz performed with much passion and enthusiasm. The band performed many tracks featured from their popular albums like ZombiEP, Subway Gawdz, The Internet, and F NOTE.

Photos By| Brian Jordan