Trixie & Katya Stopped On Their First Ever European Tour Together In Berlin

Written By | Chantal Burau

Trixie and Katya brought their multifarious and jam-packed Live-Tour to Europe and stopped, among other cities, in Berlin at the Tempodrom.

Their Live-Show offered and showed all the things and mannerisms you may fell in love with for example on Drag Race, their own show UNHhhh, Trixie’s YouTube Channel or the rest of the internet in general.

They were joined by Kelly Mantle who led the audience through the evening and also took the role of Trixie and Katyas Manager and Presenter Sandy. The show was divided into individual parts, by Trixie, Katya and also Kelly, as well as group parts, which kept up the tension  and the enthusiasm of the crowd constantly and didn’t let boredom arise. The night offered dance and lip-sync performances, as well as Trixie singing and of course comedy sketches. 

The main storyline of the show was Trixie and Katya having a falling out and their manager Sandy trying to mediate between them with featured sketches of them pointing out why they can’t stand each other which had the audience laugh and applaud the whole way trough. For example a Ted Talk by Katya about Trixie always interrupting her, with clips of their show UNHhhh highlighting that, that (of course) got interrupted by Trixie having her Ted Talk about always being right and also showing clips to prove that. Another Highlight of the show, apart from the sketches, were Trixie and Katyas Dance and Lip-sync numbers throughout the evening, one of them being Trixie what looked liked dressing up in typical Russian Katya-manner performing Boney M.’s „Rasputin“ with their group of dancers. Later followed by a performance of Katya that featured her almost floating close to the roof of the venue, having the crowd in. 

Later on one of Trixie’s lip-sync numbers, that started of with her looking like a giant pink shower sponge later leading in a costume reveal. The number got interrupted and turned into a Scream-sketch, with Trixie having to give the killer directions because they didn’t follow the script properly.   One of the last sketches had them both being held hostage, with another appearance from Sandy (Kelly) as a pope and Katya fight to escape that turned into another dancer number, that had the crowd cheering and applaud eagerly once more. Overall the show really great and had the audience laugh and clap constantly. 


–  Chantal Burau