Virtual Popstar Gives Fans a Sneak Peek into New Web3 World “Villa M”

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Dapper Collectives today announced that virtual popstar Miquela is unveiling her first ever PFP and giving fans a sneak peek into Villa M, her newly furnished property in the metaverse. By visiting Miquela’s website, guests will be invited into her living room for a private viewing of a rare PFP from her upcoming collection and select fans will be given early access to the allowlist. Those who hold the PFP will have a chance to join Miquela on her journey to creating a new world, Villa M, built especially for her and her community of fans and collectors.

To celebrate this announcement, Miquela will serve as the official host of this year’s ComplexLand, an immersive virtual pop culture festival taking place, May 25-27. Here she will be curating ComplexLand’s official NFT Art Gallery and offering guests a sneak peek into her new Web3 world — and access to the allowlist. All ComplexLand guests will be eligible to access her allowlist by finding Miquela’s statue located within her NFT art gallery and clicking it to reveal a password. Non-attendees will be able to access her allowlist by visiting Miquela’s Discord within the first 24 hours for a special giveaway event.

“Villa M is for everyone. It’s a place to learn, grow and connect together on a deeper level. This PFP project is just the beginning,” said Miquela. “Can’t wait for everyone to meet me there!”

Brud, the community of creators building Miquela’s storyworld, continues to push the boundaries in the blockchain space: Miquela’s first ever PFP will allow for holders to be a part of the influencer’s digital history. Those who receive a PFP will be offered additional content, providing them the opportunity to then gain future access to Miquela’s apartment in the metaverse, Villa M. This project will be available exclusively on the Flow blockchain, and fans can use a Blocto wallet in order to participate.

“With this drop, Miquela is moving from web2 to web3 and distilling herself into trait-based PFPs,” said Trevor McFedries, CEO of Dapper Collectives and founder of Brud. “This is a key step in our plan to decentralize Miquela and open our organization and operations to fans, storytellers, artists and creators while turning those who support Miquela into real owners that participate and share in the value they create. Beyond being a gorgeous piece of art from extremely talented creators, Villa M is pushing boundaries in the metaverse and we invite all of Miquela’s supporters to join us there.”

Miquela’s Villa M web3 world will officially launch in the coming months. For more information on upcoming drops, giveaways and opportunities to join the project’s allowlist, follow Miquela on Discord,, Twitter and Instagram.