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Waker In Atlanta at the Vinyl

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Written By | Andres Piedrahita

As most ATLiens know, Vinyl has been around for many of years. It represents a nice feel for the audience as well as the band. The venue in itself is basically like the Masquerade except it’s all in the same building instead of spread apart and not outdoors as well. Still, they both work well in what they need to do. As for Vinyl, it has its own taste when it comes to hosting music events for the locals or travel fans. Once you enter it become this beautiful open area with tall tables, a lounge area for anyone, full bar, and a main floor for standing.

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The stage itself is a wonderful size for a small venue as it was for the first opener for the evening, Riley Moore. His music was nice a subtle, sweet, and very calming with his different pitch’s as well as the use of the harmonica. While his show was short, I will say his music style definitely made up for as it keeps the crowd excited for the rest of the evening and ready for the last open till Waker.

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The next opener named “Nordisa Freezer” was a unique band for sure (in a good way) and here’s why. The band in itself has a unique as neither flowed with one other, but once you see the band play, you get a sense that their individual styles play well with the way they play. The band itself was wonderful with their energy, ability to connect with crowd, and the lead singer have his own twist on how to preform the songs. After the openers it was time for Waker and must say I was even excited for them to come play.

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During the show the energy was at its peak, the crowd was dancing with strangers, strangers were vibing over each other, the crowd was singing to each song, and the employees were having a great time as well. As the night started to look like it was ending, the band sang their last song and got off stage to which everyone in the venue chant “one more song”. Waker decided to come back on stage to play a few more songs, but to everyone surprise it was mostly cover songs that everyone loved. The crowd went wild as they played songs by Looking Glass & Lionel Richie as well. Must say it was a packed full night of wonderful music and vibes!!


Photo Credit | Andres Piedrahita