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Written and Captured By | Chantal Burau

Wild Rivers stopped on their European tour in Berlin for an intimate, sold out show with their support Hazlett. They brought their smooth and synth-touched harmonies to the Privatclub in Kreuzberg with a capacity of max. 200 people.

The evening started off with a set of melodic and moody tunes by the Australian born and Swedish based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hazlett. Who started his career as a touring musician as well as a ghostwriter, before getting in the limelight himself. After his storytelling songs, it was time for Wild Rivers to hit the stage. The venue was already fully packed from the start and barely any people moved during the break. 

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As the lights dimmed in the room, the tension grew as everyone awaited the band, but it dragged on for some time and to the tension came some impatience. 

But once the Canadian folk-pop constellation hit the stage the fans were ecstatic. All five members with their instruments filling up the small stage completely. Their set was filled with songs about heartbreak, also about breaking hearts with “Don’t“. Some calmer and sadder, some faster and more stirring, which have animated the fans to dance and sing along.

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They also played a few songs off of their unfinished and upcoming album, both, Khalid Yassein and Devin Glover, switching between guitars and the keyboard. Their vocals also smoothly melding together, accompanied by the melodic folk-pop soundscapes. Showing off their talent to turn gut-wrenching experiences like heartbreaks into soul stirring tunes. 

During the whole evening, regardless of the mood of the songs, the energy in the sold out venue was very contagious and humorous. Sparing the fans the typical leave before the encore and they continued their set with the same energy ending the night on a high note, leaving all wanting more. 


Photos By | Chantal Burau