THE VAULT | X Ambassadors in Atlanta at the Tabernacle with LPX and Bear Hands

Written By | Tori White

Any Atlanta concert goer will tell you that the Tabernacle is the heart of Atlanta venues, and what a perfect fit it is for, X Ambassadors, the heart and soul of the rock genre. Two openers set the tone for what was to come in the main act. 

On Friday night X Ambassadors and their rock openers, LPX and Bear Hands, played their heart out for their Atlanta crowd. 

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LPX is a force to be reckoned with. Her fire red hair is a perfect representation of her on stage personality. Her ability to give a hard rock performance without giving a hard rock sound is incredibly unique. LPX has a phenomenal band and their chemistry on stage was special. She high-kicked and hair flipped her way through the set, but didn’t lose the audience in the drama. 

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Bear hands followed LPX and they did not disappoint. Bear Hands brought the crowd down to earth after they were so riled up from LPX’s performance. Their authenticity and homey take on rock is a great match for the headliners, X Ambassadors.

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And of course, X Ambassadors did not let their crowd down. They opened the show with enough energy to fuel an airplane. The first songs they performed back to back and their crowd screamed every single word. Lead singer, Sam Harris, has an iconic stage presence. He dances and jumps around nonstop but is still able to hold a note like an angel. In just an hour and a half, X Ambassadors makes you feel every emotion possible while dancing through all of them.


There were stories told about the band’s wives and stories about writing meaningful lyrics with and for Rihanna all in an effort to remind their fans that they are truly a part of this bands journey. The passion that the band has for what they do is so evident and was radiated throughout the venue.   

Photos By | Tori White

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