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Cancer Season begins with the Cancer Solstice of 21 June, a potent configuration that gives us some information for the remainder of the summer as well. There is an Aries stellium of five planets plus a close trine from Venus to Pluto that highlights also the new planet Haumea, in late Libra, signifying a concern for right action and right relationship as we move forward. The Aries concentration is action-oriented, while the Venus trine signifies a transformation of values and of our relationship dynamics. The Cancer New Moon that follows a week later, on 28 June, also involves Venus along with the positive vibrations of optimistic Jupiter. It might be that progress could be made this season on either an individual or a collective level. Let’s hope so.

All the lunations of this lunar-styled season are telling. The First Quarter Moon of 6 July makes a T-square with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, to the Sun. It is possible that inner wounding might arise, stimulated by personal events, and if so represents a ripe opportunity for greater acceptance of our flaws and our hidden inheritance from early childhood trauma – that might yet be healed. Then, the 13 July Capricorn Full Moon is also dramatic, bringing greater consciousness to bear on our ongoing transformation. There are many layers of the onion. Finally, the 20 July Last Quarter Moon in Aries that ends the season makes a strong statement as well, signifying further metamorphosis for what we do, out in the world, and what we take in.

You are enjoined all through this volatile season to try to find your own unique principles deep within yourself and act strictly upon these. In this way, by your every action, you can cast your vote for a saner and kinder world. It all begins with you.

ARIES (20 Mar.-19 Apr.). This is a season of great power for you. It is a time of paying the closest possible attention to what is happening in the realm of home and family, and your psychological roots. You are dealing with the transformation of your workplace, values and ultimately your self-concept. The Cancer Solstice of 21 June is a telling astrological configuration presaging some degree of tension and even collision between existing and intended worldviews. The Cancer New Moon that follows one week later, on 28 June, is another remarkable juncture promoting activism and the internal moral compass to be sure of your words before you start to speak them.

TAURUS (20 Apr.-19 May). This is another powerful season for you coming up, Taurus. Questions of identity and values have been on your mind, as you integrate strong factors of your unconscious process into your thoughts and colouring your communications. A transforming worldview makes your values all-important, along with your ability to act upon them. After the dramatic 28 June Cancer New Moon, the First Quarter of 6 July brings important others into the picture of what you are attempting to individually achieve, along the lines of the unique set of principles that are truly yours and yours alone, belonging to no one else.

GEMINI (20 May-20 Jun.). This Cancer Season is another potent one for you, Gemini, as you integrate the recent intense retrograde through your sign of Mercury, your ruler. The Cancer Solstice itself of 21 June brings to awareness your future plans and societal contribution. The Cancer New Moon of 28 June is significant also, making for a fresh start in more fully understanding where you are coming from in terms of values and also of necessary inner work, while the Full Moon of 13 July acts as a culmination, combining inner and outer. Ultimately, the universe is asking you to put your most cherished principles more directly into action.

CANCER (21 Jun.-20 Jul.). This season, Cancer, is quite a powerful one for you, affecting your professional sector. You are making a fresh start right from the beginning of this Cancer Season, and all through, not only in matters of identity and how you put yourself across, but also for your work in the world. The New Moon of 28 June and the lunations of 13 July and 20 July are all quite telling; transformation is happening. You are being encouraged, as you focus on your career, that you take fully into account your own inner values and how you succeed at all levels only when you act upon these, and these alone.

LEO (21 Jul.-21 Aug.). Communication and learning are up for you this season, Leo, but of an unusual kind. Just as the Moon softens and mellows the harsh light of the clear-eyed Sun, so too now are you finding clues for better solving the questions of your future by seeking them within yourself, in dream visions and intuitional information. The 28 June New Moon is powerfully constellated in this inward direction, while the Capricorn Full Moon – following two weeks later – brings issues of service and proper life purpose to the forefront. You must discriminate as you find your way forward into truer authenticity.

VIRGO (21 Aug.-21 Sep.). This is a time of revitalising and reintegrating, Virgo, in the aftermath of the recent Mercury Retrograde through your career sector. Questions and course corrections that have arisen in recent weeks must be dealt with, along with partnership concerns and intimate connection on many levels including with your own inner world. This Cancer Season marks a propitious timing for reassembly. Your evolving worldview enters into this as well, providing the foundation for the novel structures yet to come. Beginning with the 28 June Cancer New Moon, you are seeking new life direction and what’s more, finding it.

LIBRA (22 Sep.-22 Oct.) This is another transformational time for you, Libra, as you sort out recent intuitional information and focus on career objectives from a novel standpoint. The Cancer New Moon of the 28 June is your starting gun for a productive period of time when much is available to you – provided you stay open. Important partners in your life form a vital resource in your quest for connecting to inner principles and coming to greater authenticity. Steps along the way are formed on 6 July and with the Full Moon of the 13 July. By season’s end, on the 20 July, you are operating from an entirely different place within yourself.

SCORPIO (23 Oct.-21 Nov.). This season represents a mystical time for you, Scorpio, when you are including other forms of wisdom in your progressive planning. Your worldview and expanding perspective constitutes a major focus, including travel and/or educational pursuits; a new sense of life mission. This begins with the 21 June Solstice and the Cancer New Moon that follows a week later, on the 28, plus the Full Moon of 13 July. You are changing at the core, coming at new knowledge from the inside. Your innate sense of moral compass is calling upon you, as you grow, to espouse only what comes to you from within.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov.-20 Dec.). This season represents an integration, Sagittarius. During the Mercury Retrograde period of recent weeks, you were questioning aspects of your career, your relationships, and your mission of service. Starting with the 28 June Cancer New Moon in your sector of intimacy, you are now seizing the day, and making a fresh start on deep connection with others and within yourself as well. Inner work is emphasised. Your creative self-expression is also undergoing changes as you seek a better handle on your own internal moral compass. Your prospective plan involves creative collaboration with important others and more completely aligning your actions with your underlying principles.

CAPRICORN (21 Dec.-19 Jan.) This Cancer Season is important for you, Capricorn, since the Solstice that initiates it takes place in your opposite sign. Relationships are therefore very much emphasised, with a fresh start in this area coming due on 28 June with the Cancer New Moon. One week later, as things get slightly confrontational, issues of career stand out as a significant part of the picture. Another week later, the 13 July Full Moon in your sign leads to a more complete understanding, and implies changing attitudes within you involving both of these areas. Throughout this season, your values are quite important, a touchstone that essentially governs your bottom-line on how you proceed.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan.-17 Feb.) This is a season of consolidation and re-integration for you, Aquarius. The recent retrograde of Mercury through your sector of home, family, and your psychological roots has provided more questions than answers, and your creative self-expression is similarly evolving. With the Cancer New Moon of 28 June, you are making a fresh start in pulling things back together. This affects your deepest values and your sense of life mission. Worldview is a moving target as you utilise inner principles to drive action. Communication in both spoken and written forms is now emphasised; the more that you can articulate what you are currently arriving at, the better.

PISCES (18 Feb.-19 Mar.). You have, Pisces, been engaged for weeks in mulling over the roots of your being. The recent Sagittarius Full Moon a week before the Cancer Solstice might have helped you get more settled in your self-concept. This season, especially with the potent Cancer New Moon of 28 June, your focus is your creative self-expression. You are tuned also to inner matters, finding that intuition takes you far in uncovering the developmental information that you seek. Values and resources play an outsized role as well. You are learning to take advantage of a subtle inner logic to pave the way toward greater integration between inner and outer activity.

Horoscope by Henry Seltzer of TimePassages.