170 Russell went Bingo Loco on Saturday night in Melbourne, Australia

Written By | Hannah Robinson

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A sold out crowd flocked to 170 Russell on the 17th of August, ready for what was dubbed “the most ridiculous night of your life”. In a whirlwind of dance battles,aerobics, glow sticks, lip sync battles, a non-stop 15 minute rave round, all alongside your standard game of bingo, I think Bingo Loco lived up to it’s name.

Hailing all the way from Ireland, Bingo Loco has crossed the seas and found it’sway to Melbourne. Although the event certainly bought keen Melbournians out for the night, there is no denying the overwhelming Irish presence. It seemed prizewinner after prize winner gracing the stage also came from Ireland but without going into the probability and statistics of the crowd I can safely say it was certainly rare to hear from a non-Irish person.

Winners got prizes ranging from a Britney Spears cardboard cutout or a blow up dinosaur costume to the big ticket prizes of a trip to Byron Bay or a Golden Ticket which grants free access to any Bingo Loco event ever. Although all these fun prizes were up for grabs, it was clear that this crowd had mainly come out for a night of crazy fun, and that’s exactly what they got.

Within minutes of the event starting there were already confetti showers, smoke canons, pyrotechnics and a wild light show. If that didn’t set the night up nicely enough, the classic 80s/90s/00s tunes the DJ was playing certainly did. From Don’t Stop Believing, YMCA and Come on Eileen to Sandstorm and High School Musical’s Breaking Free, this crowd slammed the tables, waved their arms and brought all their best dance moves to the floor. Dancing alongside them as well as hosting the night was Australia’s own Alex Dyson whose lively personality won the crowd over from the get go.

Another great part of the night was Bingo Loco’s partnership with Make-A-Wish®Australia with proceeds from the event going towards helping create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Bingo Loco is an experience like no other that you have to see to believe. The event is centered around modernizing the game of bingo and making it more relevant to younger generations than it’s traditional target age. It’s a night out with your friends, having insane fun dancing, singing and being entertained, with the added bonus of the opportunity to win prizes. If the event is coming to a town near you, I strongly urge you to put a table together and head along.

Photo Credit: Hannah Robinson

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