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A tribute to Sublime on STAND BY YOUR VAN TOUR featuring Little Strangers

Written By | Kahleel Frazier

Photo By | Kahleel Frazier

A tribute to Sublime on STAND BY YOUR VAN TOUR featuring Little Strangers performed an incredible show at TLA in Philly. The perfect balance of hip-hop and reggae tunes engulfed the venue and penetrated head nods and signs of horns in the air.

Even with the absence of Badfishes lead singer it was still a phenomenal event with different members of the bands substituting for the lead singer. Everyone did an outstanding job performing. I noticed in the crowed a mosh pit broke out as the crowd was getting turned up.

An enthusiastic kid was front row recording and singing the songs word for word. The lead singer from bumping uglies took the kids phone and recorded himself performing on stage and recording the other band members as well. Before returning the kid phone’s the last few moments out their performance he pulled the kid on stage. Which took the performance to another level. It was a true sight to see, I know the kid enjoyed that moment as the crowed enjoyed watching that experience and jamming to the music.

That was my first experience attending a Badfish concert and I enjoyed myself. Although, I never heard their music prior to the show I was still expecting to see a good performance because of how packed the venue was. Many people do not open themselves up to listening to other genre’s of music. One could find that there are hidden gems out there that are worth listening to and awesome concerts that are worthy of attending. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience their tribute to Sublime STAND BY YOUR VAN TOUR.

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