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A$AP Ferg’s Floor Seats Tour in Atlanta at the Buckhead Theatre

Written By | Andre Buchanan


Floor Seats, Asap Ferg’s most recent album, is definitely one of Fergs hottest albums to date, in which he is currently on tour. Joining him on tour is Atlanta native MadeinTYO and the very popular producer Murda Beatz. Just hearing the line up, one should know that the show would be wild, and where not a perfect place to bring the tour to Atlanta’s very own Buckhead Theatre.

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Before we get to Asap Ferg, a radical funk artist by the name Heater IV came out to the stage. Although this is the first time that I’ve heard of him, I will most likely pay attention to him and his progression. Heater IV is an artist from New York and has a very interesting style. His stage performance was incredible. He even went into the crowd during and after his set to greet with fans. You can tell that Heater IV is generally an amazing artist and loves people. Look out for Heater IV because I have a feeling you will see him whether you search his music or not.


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“Skrrt skrrt!” Coming to the stage next is MadeinTYO. As expected, MadeinTYO’s performance was amazing. What more to expect from one of the hottest rappers to come out of Atlanta. Every song he touches becomes a hit. MadeinTYO played some of his most popular songs like “Chucky Cheese”, “Uber Everywhere” and “Skateboard P”. Half of the crowd was drenched in their own sweat by the end of his set.


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If you’ve never heard of Murda Beatz, then you probably have heard of him. Have you ever heard “Murda on the beat so it’s not nice” before a song then just know that it was produced by Murda Beatz. Coming out of Canada, Shane Lindstrom, also known as Murda Beatz, is a famous producer that has produced songs for some of your favorite artists. He’s made hits for Drake, Travis Scott, Asap Ferg, Kendrick Lamar and many more. Murda Beatz is taking over the industry right now and he continues to progress and give the hip hop culture what they need, which is amazing production.

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Asap Ferg, one of the hottest artists right now continues to amaze me. This would not be the first time I’ve seen Ferg. My first Ferg show was during his Madman Tour and his performance was absolutely amazing, so I was excited to see him a second time and I just have to say that I was not disappointed. There’s a reason for all of his success as an artist.

From interacting with the crowd to just getting lit on stage, Ferg is a phenomenal artist. If you ever go to a Asap Ferg concert, just know that there will be a lot of mosh pits and stage diving. During his set he brought out a few artists, one being MadeinTYO of course and they performed their song “Ned Flanders” and “Wam” together.


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He also brought out Jack Harlow, who is blowing up right now and Joey Badass, in which the crowd went crazy. Asap Ferg’s album “Floor Seats” is an amazing project and I can’t wait to see what projects he creates in the future.

Photos By | Andre Buchanan

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