AARA: No Clean Singing Premieres En Ergô Einai Full-Length From Swiss Atmospheric Black Metal Trio

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No Clean Singing is currently streaming En Ergô Einai, the alluring new full-length from Swiss atmospheric black metal trio AARA. The premiere comes in advance of the record’s official unveiling, April 3rd via Debemur Morti Productions.

Writes No Clean Singing in part, “AARA continues to demonstrate their adroitness at integrating melodies of stirring emotional power (often with a pronounced connection to the era that inspired the album), assaults of harrowing ferocity, and passages of wondrous, soaring glory. The music of ‘Stein Auf Stein’ surges and whirls in extravagant displays of instrumental ebullience, accompanied by screaming vocals so intense that they seem to reserve nothing for tomorrow. The song channels the chest-bursting thrill of world-changing discovery. By contrast, the first half of ‘Aargesang (Aare II)’ is mesmerizing. Rain falls, and synths create an atmosphere of mystery and wonder, a feeling that somehow persists even when the drums begin battering and the riffing begins to boil and burn, seeming to channel sensations of challenge and even desperation in the face of conflict and daunting odds. Those same feelings persist and become even more delirious within the pulse-pounding tumult of ‘Entelechie,’ though the scale and sweep of the sound and its intensity again makes us feel as if we’re witnessing a great struggle on a planet-spanning stage. The trilling melodies are tremendously penetrating and memorable and play a big role in making the song so spectacular by the time it ends.

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Drawing inspiration from the Age of Enlightenment in eighteenth century Europe, En Ergô Einai serves as a tribute to the duality in man’s pursuit of perfection and the futility found therein. Like strokes of inspiration, exquisite guitar melodies weave a fluent plethora of moods and emotions, showcasing a heavy classical influence. Undulant blast beats and biting screams serve as a counterpoint to pristine atmospheres and ethereal choirs, an obstinate reminder of the finite nature of man and his creations. Here at the onset of a new decade, AARA presents a landmark of thoughtful, unorthodox black metal.

En Ergô Einai, which includes a guest appearance by Blut Aus Nord’s Vindsval, was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Chäuer Studios Bärn with cover art by Michael Handt, and artwork design by Naturmacht Studios. The record will be released on April 3rd in digipack CD, digital, and limited-edition vinyl formats. Find preordering options below.