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Wolf Parade in Chicago at Thalia Hall with Jo passed

Written By | Jason Vega

Wolf parade 7

ªAfter performing the first half of their North American tour alongside Indie rock band “land of talk” for their Chicago show Canadian indie rock band “Wold Parade” consisting of band members Spencer Krug on keys, Arlen Thompson on drums, and Dan Boeckner on guitar. They were joined by the indie rock band ” Jo Passed”. With the release of their fifth album titled thin mind  Wolf parade gave a high energy show at Thalia Hall in Chicago. Despite the terrible weather, Chicago experienced the days leading up to the show, many fans including myself arrived early to the venue eager to be let in.

Canadian Indie rock band “Jo Passed’ opened with a beautiful easy-going set.  The venue was filled with deep bass, vampy guitar riffs, and soft vocals. Jo Hirabayashi, the frontman of  Jo Passed gave an amazing performance allowing listeners to truly be embraced by his music. They had the audience dancing and rocking out to their music this is definitely a band that many alt-rock lovers should become familiar with.

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Wolf Parade opened their show with a guest speaker who encouraged many locals to register to vote in the upcoming election. Putting out a strong message of acceptance, unity, and respect for those around us.  Wolf Parades’ unique synth-rock sound filled Thalia Hall with a sense of nostalgia, creating an atmosphere of friendship and family. Which was seen when looking out into the crowd. They have such a great stage presence that is sure to keep you captivated it was difficult to not dance or bob around. As soon as you stepped into the crowd you could see fans with friends and family drinks in hand, dancing like no one was watching. You could feel the sense of community and love for music surround you The band played many of their albums new songs as well as some of their biggest hits.

Photos By | Jason Vega