Lost Child (aka Tatterdemalion) is a mystery-thriller film that was co-written, produced and directed by
Ramaa Mosley. This one hour and thirty-six-minute movie hitting NY and LA on September 14th and VOD platforms on September 18th of this year stars Leven Rambin as “Fern”, and Taylor John Smith as “Billy”. Lost child also introduces us to a new, and very talented young actor, Landon Edwards as “Cecil”.

This second feature film by Ramaa Mosley follows Fern, an army veteran with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) who has returned home to be with the only family she has left, her younger brother Billy. Upon her arrival, Fern soon discovers that the town she had grown up in had become a place of negativity and superstition over the years and that her sibling is unimpressed by her return.

Not too long into the film, Fern finds a young boy living in the woods behind her home. The child is well-mannered, quiet and refuses to answer personal questions about his family or himself aside from his first name, Cecil. At one point early on in the movie, Cecil responds to Fern over a breakfast interrogation saying: “It’s a bad idea to tell people too much about yourself, it causes trouble.”

However, Fern knows that a child just doesn’t appear out of thin air, and along with the help of a local Social Service worker, they are determined to get to the bottom of things and return Cecil back to his family.

Not everyone else in town is on board with their plan though. Many urge Fern to return the boy back to the woods where she found him when they see she is getting very ill, very quickly. The locals are convinced that the urban legend of the Tatterdemalion in the Ozark Woods exists. It is a demonic creature that presents itself in the form of an innocent child who drains the life force and vitality out of its new caregiver until they are nothing more than a shell of who they once were.

Throughout this thriller, members of the community perform sneaky little acts to counter their superstitions and attempt to prove he is a malevolent spirit. As the viewer, it is very hard not to find yourself completely sucked into the mystery and hold your breath with anticipation at times. Who is Cecil? Where did he come from? What does he want, and what happens to Fern? Those are all things you’ll just have find out for yourself when this film hits the public later this month! 

Watch the official Lost Child Trailer below!

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