Apple TV+ Premiere “For All Mankind” at Fox Regency Village Theatre

Written By | Min Lee

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Apple TV+, a subscription-based streaming service was announced last month and one of the heavily anticipated series on the lineup of ATV+ projects For All Mankind premiered in the home of the UCLA Bruins – Westwood, California. In typical Apple fashion the “red carpet” featured a clean set design with spacesuits mounted on the walls complemented by red stripes and a subtle blue flooring choice. Oversized space related posters were placed on the walls along with the mention of Apple TV+ every chance they got. The excitement from the fans was not unnoticed and the mass student body from the city all gathered without question.

The series will dive back into the Cold War days with a twist – USSR beats NASA, landing the first man on the moon. While attempting to keep their composure, then President Nixon gives the order to place the first female on the moon. It is a modern twist into the glory days of US global power and technology advances and mixes in social clues and issues of the 21st century. You can feel the desparation and hope to travel past the moon and beat the USSR at SOMETHING in the trailer coupled with beautiful imagery and cinematography it looks promising to carry on the torch in the popular lane of space/sci-fi.


Teamed with executive producers of Battlestar Galactica and Outlander, it makes sense from the Apple side to get behind a show with a cult following to punch into the world of streaming and on-demand. Following the immense success of Altered Carbon and Hanna Joel Kinnaman will be the lead supported by actresses Shantel VanSanten and Sarah Jones. The show premieres November 1st and beyond the scope of the shows it’s an exciting time to be in another race besides space which is being fought between all the big dogs – Youtube TV, Amazon, AT&T, Hulu, Netflix, Disney and now Apple TV+, it will be interesting watch the tip of the spear in entertainment team up with production never before to deliver the best of cinematics right to your living room.

See More Photo From The Apple TV+ Premiere “For All Mankind” HERE.


Photos By | Min Lee