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Apple TV + Truth Be Told Premiere in Beverly Hills at Samuel Goldwyn Theater

Written By | Min Lee

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Truth be told, which is set to premiere on AppleTV+ early December incorporates podcasting, which is the new kid on the block in showbiz into a pivotal role in engaging the audience and moving the story along. Everyone has one now and especially the ones with good stories explode in popularity. The series due to premiere in less than a month is focused around a podcast which investigates a murder case which seemed to be solved many years ago. 

See More Photos of Apple TV + “Truth Be Told” Premiere Here

Are you sleeping is the book this series is based off of and the major difference between the two would be that in the series, Poppy Parnell (played by Octavia Spencer, podcaster) has had direct involvement in locking up Warren Cave (played by Aaron Paul) for the murder. This adds another level of thrill and excitement as viewers are certainly going to be more emotionally invested in whether Poppy finds the truth or not.

With a stacked cast from Academy and Emmy Winners and Golden Globe nominees there is no shortage of talent and it seems Apple has their crosshairs on Netflix and Hulu to take over the content streaming crown.


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