Multihyphenate artist Aries has delivered once again with his latest genre-blending musical offering, “CONVERSATIONS.” Out today via WUNDERWORLD / Columbia, the song was written and produced by Aries and comes hot on the heels of his previous single “FOOL’S GOLD,” which accumulated a million streams in the weekend of release and over 5 million in the month since.

Speaking on “CONVERSATIONS,” Aries explains: “CONVERSATIONS is about begging for attention. Whether that be from someone in particular or more generally. It’s summed up by the lyrics in the hook “Conversations I could never get enough… Silence aching my bones.”

“CONVERSATIONS” and “FOOL’S GOLD” serve as the rapper/singer/songwriter’s first releases since his debut album WELCOME HOME was released via his record label WUNDERWORLD last year. The album, which includes stand out singles “SAYONARA,” “CAROUSEL,” and “BAD NEWS,” matches melodic vocals with rock and rap fused production and has gone on to accumulate over 200 million streams worldwide. Stretching his creative output beyond just music, Aries also launched his WUNDERWORLD brand last year, featuring his own clothing designs and illustrations.

Taking an unconventional route to build a fanbase, Aries first made a name for himself on YouTube, putting his self-taught production skills to use by recreating the beats behind popular songs in 2 minutes. As these videos gained momentum Aries simultaneously posted his own music videos on the platform, building an avid fanbase of over 430,000 subscribers in the process. Following the release of WELCOME HOME, this legion of die-hard fans showed their support as Aries sold out all 21 dates of his North America and Europe tour, and in doing so announced his presence as one of the most in-demand new artists on the live circuit.

With these new releases, Aries is taking his musical prowess and all-encompassing creative vision to unparalleled territory as a must-watch artist on the rise. Stay tuned for more Aries.

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