OTF Ikey sheds light on growing up in O’Block Chicago in “Dead Bodies”

Hailing from one of America’s most dangerous cities, OTF Ikey is as hard as they come. Offering a bleak picture of the unfortunate realities of street life, Ikey shares the visceral “Dead Bodies,” his latest video.

Displaying his expert melodic phrasing over cloudy synths, Ikey offers a stern, first-person warning about the dangers people face from gang violence in his neighborhood: “We don’t wave white flags/We don’t do peace treaties.” The video dives deep into the consequences of street violence, shining a spotlight on a community rocked by a double homicide, as Ikey and his OTF brethren scheme to protect themselves and their families. Equal parts haunting and melodic, “Dead Bodies” demonstrates the talent that attracted Lil Durk, who signed Ikey to his Only The Family label.

Explains OTF Ikey, “‘Dead Bodies’ is just some Chicago shit you feel me. It’s just what we go through in O-Block, where I’m from. I’m still in and out with the streets and this is what we see. The video shows what I went through back then and what my homies are going through right now. I’m just being real. That’s just what we see in Chicago, dead bodies, gun fire–things have gotten worse and worse. Chicago people live a different life than other people. With these songs, I want to be heard and let people know what goes on in my neighborhood. We’re not all bad, but this is the reality of our situation. I’m proud of our rap, drill music, and how it represents what we feel. I rap about what I know, and I’m using my rapping to feed my family and find a way out.”

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