“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Bronx, New York hip-hop hustler Don Q Returns; Chats Funk Flex Freestyle New Music and More

Written By | John Cotter

Hailing from the Bronx, Don Q has always had a rich culture of hip-hop roots all around him. Taking inspiration from New York legends like Jadakiss and Fabolous, he developed his flow and wordplay to a tee. Mixing that lyrical finesse with an ability to stitch it all together eventually landed him with Highbridge The Label in 2016. From there, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Don Q started cranking out hit songs and even a viral Funk Flex freestyle, garnering over 15 million hits. After tapes like Don Talk and Don Season 2, Don Q had already proven himself within his hometown and far beyond.

After singles with Lil Uzi Vert and Benny the Butcher, Don Q is not only back with another single, but an album to follow it up. True Kingsees the Bronx bar spitter bringing a lively vocal cadence contrasted with dark, brooding reflections of reality. A tragic string melody mixed with aggressive 808s give him the room for these reflective moments. The music video sports ATVs and bulldogs, as the camera cuts to Don Q spits bars to us outside an SUV. But at the heart of it is someone who should be broken, but has pulled through all the hardships thrown at them. Celebrating his successes but still reeling in the pain, and crafting melodic poetry out of it. 

He states “It’s time” in the beginning of “True King”, showing that he’s always been ready, he’s just waiting for the perfect moment. He recently dropped a 4 minute freestyle on Funk Flex, giving fans and radio listeners a taste of the combative bars that he’s been cooking up. The zen-like mode that Don Q enters during his freestyle is sign enough that he’s been putting this tape together with care. With his last tape releasing in 2018, Don Q is dropping his mixtape Double Or Nothing on October 22nd, with 10 songs and a feature from B Lovee.

Check out his latest video.