Cherry Kola Farms & Kuzzo Fly To Release Signature Cannabis Strain on December 22

Kuzzo Fly has teamed up with Cherry Kola Farms to release Kuzzo Fly Kush, a signature Cannabis strain which will be available for purchase as an eighth of flower or pre-rolled blunt exclusively at Blunts and Moore in Oakland CA on December 22. Vape cartridges will be available next year and the strain will be hitting additional stores in California in early 2019. Kuzzo Fly Kush is a lemon frosted OG Kush strain which will be part of a lifestyle brand rollout called “Fly By Day, Fly By Night” that includes both his cannabis venture and a clothing line.


Kuzzo Fly Kush is the follow up to Cherry Kola’s release of Vacationer’s Mindset Cannabis strain which is available at Zen Healing in West Hollywood and several other dispensaries in California. About the collaboration Kuzzo Fly says, “I couldn’t be more excited to finally get Kuzzo Fly Kush out there. Asa and Cherry Kola have always been good to me and given me the freedom to experiment and try new things. Everything I’ve done, both with the strain and with the clothing line, has been a reflection of my lifestyle for over a decade. The non stop traveling and performing and partying really informed how we created everything, and I look forward to pushing the brand as far as it can go. From The Bay to LA and beyond!”

Cherry Kola Farms was founded in 2010 in Sonoma County, CA by brothers Asa and Sean Schaeffer. Known for cultivating small batch craft cannabis, Cherry Kola has established itself as an authority in the cannabis industry. Their namesake strain has won countless awards including the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, The Breeders Cup, and the LA Cannabis Cup. Cherry Kola offers a wide variety of different products from flower to waxes and distillate, each in a myriad of different flavors and strains. Beyond their strains, the Cherry Kola empire includes multiple production facilities, a flagship dispensary in West Hollywood and a newly formed artist partnership department. Cherry Kola Farms’ extensive experience and knack for innovation has positioned the brand to lead the cannabis industry and lifestyle into the mainstream.

“Talent is nothing without hard work,” and “there is no such thing as overnight success.” These are two concepts that Kuzzo Fly is all too familiar with. From his beginnings in 2003 performing in the group Kuzzos with Mob Da Boss to his present day position as the newest member of multiplatinum rap group The Luniz, Kuzzo has spent his career hustling.

With the release of his first album Looks Can Be Deceiving in 2003, Kuzzo Fly immediately found himself connected with the prominent artists in the Bay Area, including Mistah Fab. He fine tuned his stage presentation and honed his overall showmanship, performing over 300 shows worldwide in prestigious venues such as House Of Blues Las Vegas, The Fillmore Silver Spring, and the DJ’s Power Summit in the Dominican Republic.

Kuzzo Fly maintained a rigorous touring schedule alongside a multitude of releases, including a simultaneous mixtape/movie release in 2005, and a street dvd “smokelamentary.” His 2007 single “Don’t Spill It” was picked up by MTV Jams and over 100 web channels, collectively garnering close to a million views. In 2009, a joint venture between his company Bay Country Entertainment and artist Yukmouth’s Smoke A Lot Records landed Kuzzo back in Europe. With a new fan base developing across the continent, Kuzzo performed in Sweden and Denmark, and plans to return to hit Amsterdam.

Since then, Kuzzo has expanded his own personal empire beyond hip hop. He has appeared in commercials and films, and is the host of his own weekly radio show SmokeALotRadio, interviewing such industry heavyweights as Ice Cube, Warren G, DJ Quik to name a few. Most recently, Kuzzo Fly has made a name for himself in the cannabis industry. He teamed up with Cherry Kola Farms for a medicated BBQ Sauce in 2016 with plans to transition to a nationally available CBD version in the near future. The success of the sauce and a continued friendship with Asa Shaeffer and the Cherry Kola team led to the partnership for Kuzzo Fly Kush. Kuzzo Fly is currently on the Puff Puff Pass Tour with Snoop Dogg. All upcomings shows are listed below.

December 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Microsoft Theater *

December 20 – Hollywood FL @ Hard Rock Cafe *

December 29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Kushstock

* Puff Puff Pass Tour

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