Cigarettes After Sex Sell Out Union Transfer in Philadelphia

Written By | Joanna Mizak

There could not have been better weather for a fall Cigarettes After Sex show at Union Transfer, although the fans waiting hours to get in might have disagreed. The line to get into the show went around the back of the venue and continued for a few blocks. There was a lot of excited energy as fans waited to get in, peeking through the windows to scope out the merchandise. Once the doors opened many fans ran to secure their spot on the floor for this general admissions show. Union Transfer famously has an intimate vibe, making it a great venue for a band like Cigarettes After Sex. I truly felt transported back to my Tumblr 2014 era.

A band called ‘The Furniture’ opened with a unique and experimental sound. Strictly instrumental, (if you include plastic wrap and children’s toys as instruments)  the two-person band created a moody vibe as fans settled into their spots, trying to pick the perfect place to view the main act. The songs blended together, as did the artists with their songs. While it may not have been my particular taste in music, seeing artists really connect with their sound always makes the performance more enjoyable.

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It felt like a long wait for many anticipating the main act, especially as some had waited two or more hours in line to even get in. Sticking with the trend of their North American tour they opened with “Crush”, an all-time favorite for many fans. The sultry and romantic mood continued throughout the show with many fans swaying and fully embracing the music.

A lot of excitement came towards the end of their set, especially before playing “Sunsetz”. Frontman Greg Gonzalex played it coy at first, playing only a few chords and getting fans excited before fully getting into the song. They ended their set with “Apocalypse”, one of their most popular songs, and left the stage momentarily before coming back for a short encore.

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It was overall a very sweet and cozy show. Some rocked back and forth throughout the night with their partners while others regretted not wearing waterproof mascara. Overall I think everyone felt safe in the crowd knowing the Cigarettes After Sex fanbase is a soft but guarded type. Based on what I overheard from some conversations, it seemed like people were excited to share the night with one another, despite being strangers. I think the band would be proud knowing they created that kind of environment, and I think they felt it too as Greg Gonzalez ended the night saying “You all are the sweetest. Thank you so much for being with us.”

Photos By | Joanna Mizak

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