Craig Ferguson in Atlanta at The Tabernacle

Written By | Klarque Garrison

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 I have not laughed this much in quite some time and I have not enjoyed this classic Atlanta venue in along time. Craig Ferguson is Scottish-American comedian and TV host who most people remember from his late night show on CBS “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” I remember him a decade earlier co-starring on “The Drew Carey Show”. However, he’s been performing live for almost 40 years. On Friday, October 4th I got to see live Mr. Ferguson a tone of my favorite Atlanta venues the“Tabernacle.”

The Tabernacle formerly “House of Blues” was originally a Church and still has the structure and feel of an early 20th Century Chantry which our Comedian reminded the crowd in his first joke. Stand-up comedy is never easy and even veterans have bad moments but Craig was in full command of his show and it showed. There was no warm up as he quickly jumped into a series of jokes that I can not mention in this article (not made for regular TV but hilarious all the same).

I even became part of the show (or at least a joke) as I made my way to my seat after taking some photos it appeared I came late. This led me to be the next joke. Sadly, it took me a moment to realize everyone was looking at me! If it gets picked up by Netflix maybe I will be famous (sort of). I’ll be honest, I like Craig Ferguson, but I had no idea he was this funny and this good at story telling.

His use of “Colorful words” is judicious and not overbearing. I would absolutely recommend catching his tour when he comes to a city near you. By the way, we were warned not to “Tweet” anything out that could or would incriminate him during the show. I’d say the moratorium is up! IMPRINT was there, were you?

Photo Credit: Klarque Garrison

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