Journey into the walled city

IMPRINT Writer | Anindito Mukherjee

Early morning walks around the walled city always fetch nicer pictures, especially in the Delhi’s summer heat and in the month of Ramadan which always present a photographer with catching some beautiful moments. For some the day starts real early and what but a steaming hot cup of tea can start their morning.

Numerous Tea stalls sprawl along the alleyways of the walled city, once also known as Shahjahanabad, after Mughal emperor ‘Shah Jahan’

Cycle rickshaw pullers are one of the early risers awaiting customers to be ferried around the narrow alleyways. These cycle rickshaws are the main source of commute as lanes are so narrow that cars rarely venture into them. But on the other hand they also create traffic snarls while waiting at bus stops and metro station for prospective clients. Some say these vehicles are non polluting but for some their numbers cause a mess. But in the end for a visual hunter they sometimes present a lovely image.

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