Dombresky and Mikey Palermo show at The Velvet Underground Bar in Toronto

Friday, August 10th I attended the Dombresky and Mikey Palermo show at The Velvet Underground bar in Toronto. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect from the night because I had never stepped foot into the venue or heard of either artist beforehand! Electronic Dance Music (EDM) isn’t exactly a favorite genre of mine, but my mind was open and I had my dancing shoes on in case the mood hit me.
Photo Credit: Kara Bradimore
The night started out interesting, to say the least. I was told the show had been pushed back and media wasn’t given access to the building to set up equipment until the doors officially opened for everyone. When that happened, I quickly scrambled into the dimly lit, small dungeon-type room made of bricks where DJ Mikey Palermo was already playing.
Fans of Mikey and Dombresky went wild over the two. I think every single person in that room was dancing around and having a great time! There wasn’t really any switch-ups or waiting between the two sets. Dombresky and Mikey appeared to play together most of the night and the last call ran until 4am. Seriously, this party was on fire!
However, what I really enjoyed the most from this event was how intimate the venue really was for both the artists and fans because of its size. This kind of set up allowed for a lot of interaction between the stage and the crowd. At one point, a fan was even allowed to go up and mix; it looked like it made the night for him and his friends. It is that kind of stuff that really makes a show like this about more than just music, it turns it into an experience of a lifetime for some. It’s a really cool thing to see and be a part of.
So, although it’s true that I’m still not the biggest fan of EDM, I can definitely say I have a new respect for this scene, the people and the hard work that goes into putting a whole night on.

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