Don Broco in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Written By | Klarque Garrison

Four unbelievably talented bands in one night at the famed “Masquerade” located in downtown Atlanta at the old Underground venue. For those who don’t know, Masquerade is a combination of 3 venues in a triangle facing each other. They are called “Heaven”, “Purgatory” and “Hell”. We happened to be in Hell LOL.

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This sold out night turned out to be one for the ages as the packed house anxiously awaited its opening act. When out of the darkness we saw a man take the mic and begin to sing. That voice belonged to lead singer of the band “Selfish Things” Alex Biro. The Canadian based band is known for hits like “Logos”,“Hangman” and of course “Blood!” The perfect way to get things going by having those things be“Selfish” (pun intended).

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Round two belonged to Chicago based band “Sleep on It”. Their hit song”Under the Moment” is from Sleep On It’s upcoming album, Pride & Disaster, out September 13th, 2019! I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to raise the excitement level up even higher but they managed to do just that.

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And, now before the crowd could catch its breath “Trash Boat” time! Trash Boat is a British Punk Rock band formed in 2014. Lead singer Tobi Duncan has a voice that cuts through wailing guitars,pounding drums and yelling fans. The band’s second studio album (Crown Shyness) debuted at No.2 on Billboard’s Heatseakers Albums Chart in 2018. What better group of Bands to provide us with a tasty appetizer.

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The crowd now hungered for its main course. After 10 years of Rock’n venue after venue the band Don Broco has cultivated a legion of fanatics on both sides of the pond. Whether it was (Action), (Come out to LA), (Half Man, Half God) this audience knew every word. The screams combined with the amazing voice of Rob Damiani was exactly what the doctor ordered. Be sure to catch this Tour as many times as possible in the States. For more information and details go to Another fantastic Masquerade night!

Photo Credit: Klarque Garrison

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