Track Is From Her New Album, Lighter
Combined Global Streams Of Donna’s Songs Surpass 50 Million 

Donna Missal’s haunting new video, “How Does It Feel,” is an evocative exploration of the intersection of technology and human emotion. The clip was directed by English filmmaker Rodrigo Inada and features Donna along with U.K.-based dancers Sharol Mackenzie and Regina Bakeeva.
“How Does It Feel” is the lead-off track from Donna’s sophomore album, Lighter (Harvest Records). She recently celebrated a new career milestone, passing the 50 million mark of combined global streams across all of her songs.
Donna discovered Rodrigo’s work through a quarantine fundraiser video project he made with artist/producer Sega Bodega. “They made a series of videos using Facetime screen recordings called ‘Reestablishing Connection’ that I thought translated the concept of existing inside a screen so palpably, so I reached out to Rodrigo on DM and asked if he would want to make something together,” recalls Donna Missal.
She explains, “I was in Los Angeles and he was in London. Rodrigo conceptualized this idea of how we relate to others through the screen, to ourselves, to the screen itself, while we were communicating these concepts through video calls. ‘How Does It Feel’ becomes a backdrop to this story that shows the emotionality of these relationships with our screens, how real it is to us in our real lives. The video gives the song a new depth – a result of timing and environment only possible through our changing technology.”