Elder Island in Atlanta at Aisle 5 with Dirty Nice

Written By | Klarque Garrison

Aisle 5 an intimate venue tucked away in the heart of the Atlanta district we call “lil 5 points.” On this night it would be my destination as I would hear and cover the band Elder Island for the first time. The band“Elder Island” is a relative new trio hailing from England. Their sound can be described as a cross between electronica, pop, indie and neo-soul. They just released their debut album “The Omnitone Collection” and embarked on their UK and N. American tour.

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The night starts off with the opening band called “Dirty Nice.”Dirty Nice, also from the motherland, was a pleasant surprise and turned out to be the perfect accompaniment to the night’s featured act. Their music immediately felt warm and inviting and it was received well by all who turned out this night. Last year’s EP titled “Always Summer” was well received in England and has even gained traction here in the States mainly due to their cool laid back videos on Youtube and their SoundCloud page (which I recommend following).

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One of the cool perks of my job is I get to meet some pretty awesome people while covering concerts and events. I met a fellow photographer who drove all the way from South Carolina to shoot this band and my guess is everyone who showed up tonight are avid fans as well. Being a newly converted fan I can now admit I’ll be adding songs like “Don’t Lose” and “Cape Fear” to my playlist. Tonight was one of those rare nights when you get to hear music from a group you never met only to walk away appreciative to the musicians and vocalists who loved music so much they decided to create it. Well done both of you and IMPRINT was there!

Photo Credit: Klarque Garrison

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