Written by: Basir Ahmad

Ella Mai’s self-titled debut album was released on October 12, 2018. She is a singer and songwriter that is signed to DJ Mustard’s label, 10 Summers Records. Ella Mai is commonly known for her single called “Boo’d Up”, which was on the billboard top 100. Ella Mai has given her fans something worth listening too and this album has features with artists such as Chris Brown, H.E.R and John Legend, all of whose styles blended perfectly with the overall feel and vibe of the album.

From beginning to finish, this 15 track album has an up-feel type of sound that is consistent throughout, even when the tempo of the songs change.  Her vocal presences on the microphone are what will keep listeners interested, which is rare considering today’s music is pre-dominated by hard sounding beats with more basic lyrics. I have included some quotable lyrics from her album below that stood out to me:

“I’m just saying, boy, you’re playing, you’re gon’ let it wind down
You got 24 seconds and it’s starting right now….Shotclock”From ShotClock.

“I’m the first to speak my mind up if I feel a way
Not the type to be here cryin’ in my pillowcase”From Gut Feeling

“I put my feelings on safety
So I don’t go shooting where your heart be”From Trip

With good production, vocal presences and overall consistency, this was an enjoyable album to listen to. Be sure to purchase Ella Mai’s album on Spotify and Apple music.

Photo credit: Kyle Dijamco

Keep up-to-date with all things Ella Mai on her website, facebook, spotifiy, twitter, youtube and instagram. Stream the debut album by Ella Mai below.

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