Geese, Native sun, and Gustaf’s Stellar Show at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall

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Written By | Jason Vega

Native Sun, Gustaf, and Geese all gave a stellar show Saturday night at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. The venue was on the smaller side, however, I believe this made the performance much more personal and intimate. The room was packed with fans of all ages; all of which waited eagerly for one of the bands to take the stage and start the night. A wave of excitement rushed through the crowd as Native Sun took the stage. 

The alternative punk rock band consists of vocalist/ guitarist Danny Gomez, Guitarist Jake Pflum, Bassist Mauricio Martinez, and Nico Espinosa on the drums. Gomez was sporting a black cowboy hat and suit with a t-shirt that read “Fight art nepotism”.  The bands high energy during “Hippie Speedball” had the ground shaking and the crowd jumping. They played many songs from their 2018 album “Always different, Always the same” as well as many of their newer singles. It was hard to stand still while listening to the band play their hearts out; especially during “Big Succ(ess)” Their stage presence is incredibly and the bands chemistry while performing is unreal. They were a perfect start to what would be an unforgettable night.

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Not long after, Gustaf took the stage. Lead singer Lydia Gammill came out with such a powerful energy that surrounded her. She was wearing a stunning red button down and pin strip suit with platform shoes. While setting up Gammill took the time to speak with her fans in the front row. This is just one of many examples of how the size of the venue allowed for a more intimate experience for everyone. The band opened with songs from their 2021 album ” Audio Drag for Ego Slobs”. The album has a very unique style that I can only describe as a mix of Post-Punk mixed with contemporary rock. It was a change of pace from Native Sun, but both bands styles complement each other very well.

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Gammill has a very theatrical style of performing; and is incredible at engaging with her audience. During “Mine” they let members from the audience take the mic and sing a verse. You could tell that this was such a huge moment for those members. Gammill also showcased her flute skills during “Liquid frown”.  Overall the theatrical performance of the contemporary punk music made for a wonderful set

Finally, Geese came on stage to give a jaw dropping show. The punk band opened with “Disco” off their new album Projector the bass and the drum filled every corner of the room. Cameron Winter’s soft yet raspy voice is spine chilling and adds an almost pysch/hypnotic element to the bands music. His use of falsetto showcases his range beautifully. During “Low Era” everyone in the crowd was bobbing and dancing around.

The band switched between upbeat songs and more relaxed vibey songs but never let their energy drop bellow 150%. With the bass and guitar booming in my face when I wasn’t taking pictures I was dancing around and headbanging. Truly, it was hard to stand still.  Guitarist Foster Hudsun was shredding on the guitar.  He along with the rest of the band just knew how to put on a show. The perform with so much passion and intensity that if you aren’t dancing, youre standing in awe of the raw talent that they radiate.

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This night was full of dancing and cheering and endless surprises from the artist performing. I have never felt so connected with and artist before. I have fallen in love with all three bands and hope to see them when they return to Chicago. It wont be long before these bands become big names in their respective genre. They are so progressive with their style and I definitely would call them “Punk Pioneers”.

Photos By | Jason Vega