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Half Alive & Sure Sure in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Written By | Klarque Garrison

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The Masquerade nestled in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Ga. provided the perfect backdrop for the concert I witnessed tonight. I had not heard of the band “Sure Sure” an experimental pop band from Los Angeles who served as the opening act for tonight’s festivities. They however were a welcomed surprise.

The four manned group has been putting out good music since 2014 and are widely known fortunes like “Friends”, “Okinawa” and “This Must Be The Place” to name a few.They appear to be a really cohesive band that plays together like old friends who have known each other since grade school. Lead singers Chris Beachy and Charlie Glick harmonize so well together it is hard to tell who is singing what…if you’re not looking directly at them.

See More Photos of half.alive Here

This tour is certainly better for having them on board. And, if you’re any sort of music head or you hang out with music heads someone has suggested you check out that new cool innovative band “Half-Alive”. There is no way you have not seen the highly choreographed music video of their hit single “Still Feel” with its 60’s bright colors, wardrobe and sound.This is no doubt a by product of Josh Taylor’s time spent studying film in College. It’s just a great song you cannot seem get out of your head.As you would have imagined, their stage entrance was dramatic, clever and fun!

The crowd loved it over and over and over again. I almost missed the entire intro reverting to a fan there only to soak it all in. Did I mention lead singer Josh Taylor (formerly of The Moderates) has a great voice! All I can tell you is this is a match Tour made in heaven. These two bands complement each other so well they could quite possibly be the best tour pop music has to offer. For more details on their next stops go to

Photo Credit: Klarque Garrison

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