Halsey shared a solo version of “Die 4 Me”. While they initially began working on the song while recording their chart-topping 2020 album Manic, Halsey’s original verse first appeared alongside Post Malone and Future’s vocals on the 2019 release of “Die for Me.”

Teasing the release on social media last week, Halsey explained, “It’s been long known in my fanbase that there’s a demo of ‘Die For Me’ with just me on it. I performed my verse on the tour all summer long and since so many people have asked for it, I decided to put my full version out as ‘Die 4 Me’…Big big thanks to @postmalone @louisbell and @future for having me on the original release and co-signing this version finally seeing daylight.”

Combined global streams for 2019’s “Die for Me” are nearing 900 million and the track is certified Platinum.

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