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4N Records’ Ikky shares a special release featuring the late Soni Pabla. “She’s The One” is a posthumous single featuring unheard vocals recorded before Soni Pabla’s untimely death in 2006. Ikky’s unique production celebrates and champions Punjabi music then and now – listen here.

Soni Pabla is regarded as one of the all-time greatest singing legends of Punjab known for his amazing vocals and contributions to the Canadian and Punjabi music industry. Soni Pabla was born in India and moved to Toronto in 1994. His debut album Heeray Heeray was released in 2002.

To accompany the release, notable Punjabi artists Tesher and Karan Aujla make an appearance in the official music video to celebrate the rich legend of Soni Pabla.

Ikky says of the release: “It’s such an honour to work with Soni Pabla’s recordings since he was such an influential figure for me growing up and has inspired the artist I’ve become. Combining his vocal style from the 2000’s with the new pop synth sound created a whole new fusion, even for us. Working on this song was a celebration of his life and legacy and feels like a dream. I hope everyone can really feel his spirit in this track.”

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Most recently, Ikky was the first Warner Music Canada artist to be part of the Spotify Singles program. The program provides artists with the opportunity to re-record one of their existing songs in a fresh new way, as well as cover a song of their choice by one of their own musical inspirations. Ikky released a new rendition of his debut single “80 90” featuring Garry Sandhu and added his beloved production style to a Bill Withers classic alongside Preston Pablo and Himmat Sandhu – listen here. Ikky also teamed up with the “Super Singh of Punjab” Diljit Dosanjh on the English-Punjabi hip-hop anthem “Chauffer” featuring Tory Lanez – listen here.

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