IMPRINT Interview | Rod Wave presents Hunger Games 3

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

19-year old St. Petersburg, FL hip-hop artist Rod Wave has been gaining a great buzz lately with his latest release entitled Hunger Games 3, which was released on December 7th. It has gained a buzz from the streets, as well from a lot of new fans. With a blend of R&B and street-conscious rap verses, the project brings a lot of detail in his life, such as Rod’s upbringing in St. Petersburg, the inner forms of depressions and issues of growing up in poverty and separating the real from the fake from many obstacles. When IMPRINT Entertainment was given the opportunity for an interview with Rod Wave, we definitely took upon that interest and got to know more about Rod Wave. 

Based on the project being called, Hunger Games 3, the inspiration was based on growth. Rod Wave explains that he is growing from his past in multiple ways, such as from the lyrics, production, and meanings from each song. It was also inspired by the Gary Ross and Francis Lawrence-directed movie series The Hunger Games, which was also from the book series written by Suzanne CollinsRod details that the female (Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence) from the series was asked about her hometown and her experiences growing up by officials from District 13, and was forced to fight for her life on where she came from. It relates to him from how he grew up in St. Petersburg, how he was forced to live in the conditions of his community and the way his people acted, as well as what he noticed and he was brought up with. 

His background in music was sort of unexpected, since he didn’t want to become a rapper or a singer. He was noticed by his older brother, Shad, when he was singing in the house when he was a child. His older brother, who wanted to become a rapper, asked him if he can sing the chorus of his written rap songs, and they would practice every day. His musical interests were quite interesting since he listens to artists like John Mayer and doesn’t really listen to rap music, since it doesn’t interest him. 

Being signed to Alamo RecordsRod felt like it was a dream come true for him since it was something that he always wanted when he started making music. His close friend Mateo, came to his hometown and spoke to him that he was about to get signed to Alamo, and Rod didn’t know since his team already had it planned. Once he knew, his dream finally came to life. With dropping Hunger Games 3 as his biggest accomplishment, since it was an ideal goal for him to release for the year, one of the biggest challenge that he went through was separating his ‘real supporters’ from his ‘fake supporters’, since that was some of the troubling experiences that he had to deal with once he became famous. He feels that he can’t support everyone all the time since it’s much more than what he can handle at the moment and that it fully takes time. It was something that was a challenge for him during his past two years of making music since he never experienced anything like that in his life. 

We spoke with Rod Wave about his collaboration with Moneybagg Yo on one of his tracks from the project, entitled ‘Feel The Same Way’, and his upcoming projects for 2019. He mentions that he finished the song and felt like the Memphis rapper would be a perfect fit for the song, and they managed to communicate through FaceTime when Rod was at the mall, and it just happened. As for any upcoming releases, there will be much more coming up in the following year, based on what’s going to be managed and what would be on it. 


Asking Rod Wave for any final thoughts for his fans before the conversation ended and he quotes: 

“Yeah definitely because I see a lot of people. You know, social media is a way that people can disguise themselves or hide behind. I just want everybody to know and to understand that I’m a person just like everybody else. I got the same twenty-four hours as everybody else do. I’m trying to feed my family, just like everybody else. But I appreciate all the love. All the help and support, and I hope to be around for a long time, for a lot longer.” 


Hunger Games 3:




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