Arrested Development in Lousville at Mercury Ballroom

Written By | C. Michael Stewart


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May 24, 2018 Mercury Ballroom , Louisville , Kentucky—A true pioneer in hip-hop music, Arrested Development performed in Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom to an enthusiastic audience last evening.

Since 1991 the band has raised awareness to of the homeless, racial injustice and consciousness while providing a award winning music including two Grammys.
Considered one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time by VH-1, Speech lead off the show with “Mr. Wendal” which ignited a night of sharing dance and song with their fans who seemed to know every word of the entire set.

1Love followed singing “1 4 the Treble” and the band traded vocals through out the evening backed by lady dancers and backup singers Fareedah and Tasha LaRae who created powerful energy to the show.


Ms. Larae’s strong vocals and Fareedah’s amazing dance energy kept the tempo ay a high level as Speech and 1 Love continued to run through their best loved songs compiled since 1991! “Revolution” and Grammy Award winning song” Tennessee” voted one of the 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was combined into a jam that raised the energy level to its highest peak.

Although guitarist JJ Boogie was not present the music was strong and each of the 13 songs were powerful. Speech seemed to enjoy poking todays rappers with the song” I don’t see you at the club” His reply “ I don’t see you at the Bank!”


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Ending the show with Sly and The Family Stones “Everyday People” fit perfectly with the bands message of consciousness.

As the show ended the members of the band showed their appreciation by coming to the stages edge shaking hands ,meeting and thanking fans.

It was an energetic night of uplifting music with a message. A celebration of the genus and vision of this legendary band!

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