Indie Pop Band Peach Pit Were Welcomed to Adoring Fans For Their First Time in Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse

Written By | Jeremiah Rafferty

Coming off the heels of their third studio album From 2 to 3, the indie pop band from Vancouver, Peach Pit, graced the Variety Playhouse stage much to the enjoyment of their adoring fans. Accompanied by fellow Vancouver native, Haley Blais, this would be the band’s first tour post pandemic and coincidentally one of the first time’s they’ve performed in Atlanta. Speaking to a few of the audience members, I found out that they apparently have a huge Florida fan base, and a good handful of them drove out to Atlanta to see them perform!

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Haley Blais kicked off the show with a more mellow vibe, starting off her set with an acoustic performance before her band arrived. She then followed up with a performance of songs from her debut album Below The Salt, including Be Your Own Muse and On a Weekend. Initially coming out on a more subtle note, Haley Blais quickly showed that she had the vocal chops belting out these ballads much to the enjoyment of the audience. Finally, she wrapped up her set with her latest single Coolest F*cking B*tch In Town.

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Not long after, the Peach Pit boys arrived at the stage and immediately began rocking out and they did not disappoint. While the band overall was great, the energy of the lead singer Neil Smith, and lead guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy were completely unmatched. Throughout the duration of each song’s performance Neil danced and sang his heart out. Now, prior to the show I had known relatively little about the group. I had listened to their previous album and briefly skimmed over the most recent album; however I had never seen them perform. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but Peach Pit’s performance overall exceeded my expectations. 

Photos By | Jeremiah Rafferty