J.I.D Delivers Killer Show at Max Watts Melbourne

Written By | Nathan Washington

Atlanta rapper J.I.D is headlining a sold out show at Max Watts Melbourne tonight as part of his 2019 Catch Me If You Can Tour, and fans are lined up at the venue long before doors open for a chance at a front row view of the up-and-coming hip hop artist, ready for a night of incredible flows and bumping bass.

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Opening up the night is BIRDZ, Indigenous Australian rapper raised in Northern Territory. Coming off the back of a successful year in which he won Best Independent Hip Hop Album at the 2018 AIR Awards and in the midst of preparing for his next release in 2019, he hypes up the crowd engagingly,getting the audience moving with his lyrically powerful tracks. Accompanied by his record-scratching DJ, BIRDZ proudly reps his record label Bad Apples Music and dances energetically around the stage, rapping along to verses and hooks alike, putting on a fun performance and setting the mood for a massive night ahead.

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J.I.D emerges onto stage to screaming from the sold-out audience, greeting the crowd before launching into a lyrical barrage to give fans a taste of what’s to come as he spits words with an incredible pace and demonstrates his unique high-pitched timbre. The 28-year-old Atlanta rapper is well known for his rapid-fire verses and incredibly catchy tracks, and both are immediately apparent from the moment he raises the mic to his mouth, the crowd bouncing with the music and trying to keep up with his words. Another loud cheer soon emerges from the crowd as fellow rapper Lil Yachty appears out of nowhere and walks through the photo pit in front of the crowd, a brief cameo coming as an unexpected treat for unsuspecting fans of the 21-year-old artist.

J.I.D’s captivating performance continues, accompanied by strobing technicolor lights emphasising the heavy pulsating bass and crisp electronic drums of his tracks. The floor shakes as he performs his hit J Cole collaboration Off Deez, the entire floor section of the audience moshing from wall to wall as he delivers bars upon bars, faster than should be possible. In between his impressive vocal abilities he is warm and engaging with the audience, adding to an already great stage presence complete with multiple outfit changes and plenty of personality. Finishing the night off strong, J.I.D launches into his biggest track to date, 151 Rum, getting the entire venue jumping and yelling along as lights flash wildly and he delivers one final display of vocal mastery.

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On J.I.D’s only Australian stop of his Catch Me If You Can tour, Melbourne fans were not disappointed, witnessing an excellent show and a making it a night to remember. BIRDZ set the scene well with fun and lyrically potent tracks before J.I.D proved why he is booking festival dates all over the world and featuring alongside some of hip-hop’s greatest, demonstrating incredible flows and charm alike. J.I.D is set to continue his run of shows on his tour in America, before taking the stage at the massive Miami Rolling Loud Festival in May.

Photos By | Nathan Washington

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