Jeremy Zucker Plays A Sold-Out Show at House of Blues Dallas

Written By | Alexandra Thomas

21-year-old singer-songwriter Jeremy Zucker played a sold-out show in Dallas, Texas on this cloudy Thursday night at House of Blues. Fans lined up hours before the show started to see this young talent at this incredible venue. Come time for the doors to open, everyone started rushing in, excited and ready for the night ahead.

The amazing band, Joan, kicked off the night. The fans fell in love with this energetic duo and they left the crowd wanting more. When Joan played their song “Love Somebody Like You” they had everyone dancing and that’s the moment when anyone who didn’t know of them became a fan. These two brought some great energy to the stage and the performance and vocals left everyone in awe. Joan still has a few more tour stops left with Jeremy Zucker so get there early to see these talented guys.

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Once Joan left the stage, the house music came back on and the fans talked amongst themselves, making new friends and new memories. While waiting for Jeremy to hit the stage, the lights and music went out for a split second due to the weather and had everyone excited thinking he was about to come on stage. Thankfully everything quickly came back on right after that and there were no more problems on this night.

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Jeremy finally got on stage and the audience was thrilled. He played some great fan-favorite songs and had everyone in the building singing and dancing with him. After a while he slowed it down for a sad song and had the entire room lit up just by the fans’ flashlights. He had everyone singing along with him when he played his song “Idk Love” and everyone was in awe when he played “Weakness”.

Jeremy Zucker and Joan are both very talented artists, you’re really missing out if you don’t see them while they’re on tour. You can find tickets to the rest of the tour stops on Jeremy’s website:

Photos By | Alexandra Thomas