Jeshi Enlists Westside Boogie for “Protein V2” ft. Obongjayar

Following the release of his critically acclaimed debut album Universal Credit (Because), Jeshi returns with a new take on fan favorite and 6 Music playlisted “Protein,” featuring both Obongjayar and Westside Boogie.

This fresh offering features a new verse from Jeshi alongside the addition of Boogie’s trademark flow and brings a glorious intensity and new-found energy to the original’s uplifting charm. Jeshi elaborates: “It was a lot of fun revisiting Protein and reimagining it for v2. I Iove what Westside Boogie brought to the table really gave it a whole new energy. The love on the original has been so overwhelming wanted to give you something special to say thank you.”

This rework follows a series of sold out shows and festival slots, as well as Jeshi’s recent win at the AIM Independent Music Awards for Best Independent Video (“3210”). More US and EU dates will come in 2022/23.

Universal Credit cemented Jeshi’s status as London’s most exciting underground rapper. Called an “era-defining album” by the Guardian, Universal Credit is atmospheric and morose, yet never loses its sense of urgency” (Telegraph). With the album, Jeshi brings a voice to the largely ignored and dehumanized in British society, with a release that feels ever-more poignant in the current climate. Described by the Guardian as “rival[ing] the Streets’ Original Pirate Material or Dizzee Rascal’s Boy in Da Corner for frank, sometimes bleak but often funny framings of UK city life,” its contents are considerate and insightful in its depictions of complicated realities. The album includes singles “Protein,”, “3210” (along with the Ross From Friends remix), “Generation,” “Hit By A Train,” and “Sick.”

“People are often in a situation where they’re a couple of decisions away from tricky situations that are no fault of their own,” he says. “Life is difficult for everyone. It’s the pick of the draw.”

By focusing on the immediate world around him, including his own memories of being broke and unlucky, or simply trying to make sense of an unforgiving world, Jeshi has been able to make a wider statement. “I didn’t want it to be me saying ‘Look at the state of the country,’ he argues. “There’s no political messaging on there. I just wanted to take the phrase ‘Universal Credit’ and make it empowering. Putting some pride into words that often have been weaponized against people.”

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Jeshi Universal Credit (Because)


1. 1st of the month for the rest of your life 

2. Sick

3. Killing Me Slowly

4. Another Cigarette (feat. Fredwave)

5. Coffee

6. Hit by a Train

7. 3210

8. Generation

9. New Hues

10. Protein (feat. Obongjayar)

11. Two Mums

12. Violence (feat. Obongjayar & Fredwave)

13. National Lottery